04.07.2022 Release Notes

  • 1.     Add / Send Notification – Multi Select Options

Accessing the Notification feature can be done from the Dashboard module. If the notifications feature does not appear on your Dashboard, you can activate the feature by choosing Configure Dashboard and checking the box to activate the feature for your Dashboard.

When adding a notification to send out to selected recipients, there is now an option to select multiple cost centers, job titles and supervisors.

Additionally, an option has been added titled “Send to Direct Reports”. The new option will provide the ability to send the notification to users who report to the selected supervisor(s). This option is only available when one or more supervisors are selected.

Multi-Select Cost Center

To select one or more cost center(s), click into the Cost Center field. This will display a drop-down list of available cost centers for your company. Once a cost center is chosen, the drop-down list will remain open for additional selections. When the needed cost center(s) are selected, click away and the drop-down will close.

The cost center in the drop down turns gray when selected. To deselect a cost center, click the cost center again and it will be removed from the selection. When selection is completed, the Cost Center field will contain the chosen cost center(s) separated by a comma. Sending a notification with a selection of multiple cost centers only will send the notification to all users under the selected cost center(s).


Multi-Select Job Titles

Like the multi-select cost centers, the Job Title field may also be used to contain one or more Job Titles. Selecting multiple Job Titles functions the same as the cost center field. Using the drop-down list of job titles provides the ability for multi-selection.


Sending a notification with a selection of multiple Job Titles only will send the notification to users that are under the selected job titles(s).

Multi-Select Cost Center and Job Titles

With the ability to multi-select Cost Centers and multi-select Job Titles, a notification message may be sent to specific Job Title(s) within specific Cost Center(s). Choosing one or more Cost Center(s) and one or more Job Title(s), will send notifications to users that are under the chosen Job Title(s) for the selected Cost Center(s).

Multi-Select Supervisors

The ability to multi-select Supervisors becomes available once Cost Center(s) and / or Job Title(s) are selected. The drop-down list for the Supervisor selection will be smart filtered based on the selected Cost Center(s) and / or Job Titles(s).


Please Note: To see the full list of Supervisors within the drop-down to multi-select, deselect all Cost Center(s) and all Job Title(s).

Choosing one or more Supervisors, will send notifications to the selected Supervisor(s) only.

Send To Direct Reports

The “Send To Direct Reports” option becomes available when one or more Supervisor(s) are selected from the drop-down. Clicking the checkbox provides the ability to send notifications to all users that report to the selected Supervisors. This is based on the “Reports To” field within the Employee Demographics page.


Sending a Notification Message

Once all selections are made and the message is entered into the ‘Message’ field, clicking the send button will deliver the notification on the selected Date Reminder field. A message entry is required to send a notification.

Please Note: If there is no Date Reminder entered, the notification will be sent immediately upon clicking the Send button.

  • 2.     Locking Down Future Shifts – Desktop Notes

OnTarget will no longer allow entry of notes for shifts for future dates. When an attempt to enter future sift notes occur, whether when adding an unscheduled service note or scheduled service note, the saving of the note is disallowed.

Adding an Unscheduled or Scheduled Note – Future Date

When using the Add Note option under the Notes module, once all the information is entered, if the service date is a future date and the Save button is clicked, a message appears stating that a user cannot enter shift data for the future.

Likewise, when attempting to attempting to add a note from the schedule for a future date and the Save button is clicked will result in a message stating that the user cannot enter a shift note for the future date.

The error message that displays will appear and disallow the note entry.


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