04.21.2022 Release Notes

1.     Notification Messages

When entering message content for Notifications or Tasks to be sent to recipient(s), line spacing used within the entered message will now appear in the recipient(s) email message. This will help produce a clear, concise message for the recipient(s).

Additionally, when creating notification and / or task messages content in OnTarget using copy / paste method, the line spacing and special characters will display within the recipient(s) email as expected.

Line Spacing

When creating a new Notification or Task, the line spacing included in the message, whether entered directly into the message field or copied then pasted, will appear the same way in the recipient(s) email when sent.


The message in the recipient(s) email will display the line spacing as entered.


Special Characters

When creating Notification or Task messages that contains Special characters, such as apostrophes, and that are copied then pasted from another source, the recipient(s) message will contain the special characters as expected.

Of course, when creating a Notification or Task message that contains special characters and that are entered directly into the message field, will be seen in the recipient(s) email as expected.

2. High Risk Identifier (HRI)

With the ability to enter High Risk Identifiers within a client record and displaying within the search grid results, the ability to export the identifiers into a PDF document and / or Excel worksheet can now be easily done.

HRI Entry in Client Record

As a reminder, High Risk Identifiers are entered as a part of the client record within the Identification tab. Upon entry, a drop-down box of listed identifiers is available for entry into the client record.

HRI Drop-Down List

The drop-down list of identifiers available is created within configurations. Each configured identifier is assigned a chosen icon as an ‘Alert’ icon seen in both within the client record and the client search results. An icon will appear for each entered identifier.

HRI Client Search Export

When exporting records for client search results, the High Risk Identifier information is included in the export. When exported to a PDF document or Excel document, the specifically listed identifier is included in the export. Each identifier is separated by a comma within the export.

 Within a PDF document, the HRI information detail is listed.

Likewise, within an Excel document, the HRI information is listed in the same manner. Each entered identifier is listed and separate by a comma within the cell.

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