05.19.2022 Release Notes

  • 1.     Retracting Multi-Day Service Notes

There are cases in which specific service note types are configured within OnTarget to allow for multi-day entries. Multi-Day service notes are those that contain either multiple dates of services and / or contain multiple time periods within the same service note. For example, multi-day notes are used when a user provides services during a time frame in the morning and then a different time frame in the afternoon for the same day.

Multi-Day Configurations | Configure Note Templates

The appropriate configurations must be set to allow users to utilize multi-day entries for service notes. Whether a service note is configured for single day entry or multi-day entry, retraction of the service note is achievable.

To determine if a service note allows for multi-day entries, the note template configuration must be set accordingly. The configuration is found by navigation to Configure > List Configuration > Notes > Note Templates.

As shown in the above example, the note template titled “Grid Note MDN – Respite DNU” is configured to allow a multi-day entry for a service note.

Multi-Day Configurations | Services Note Configuration

Now that a specified note template has been configured to allow a multi-day service note, the services that required the note template can be configured. Configuring a service type to utilize a default note template can be completed by:

  • 1.       Open the Billing module.
  • 2.       Open the Services section.
  • 3.       Click the ‘Note Configuration’ button at the top of the Services window.

To determine if a service contains a multi-day note template or to configure a specific service to contain a multi-day note template, choose a listed service type from the left (show below). The ‘Default Template’ field listed for the selected service should match the name of the note template configured for a multi-day service note.

In the example above, the ‘Grid Note – MDN Respite’, is noted as the default template for the selected service, matches the note template configured for multi-day. With this setting completed, any user entering a service note for the selected service will have the option to enter multiple dates / times for one service note.

Please Note: Changing or updating a service’s ‘Default Template’ may drastically change the way service notes are entered and the outcome data required. Be sure to check with the appropriate persons before changing this configuration.

Accessing the Retract Note Option

The ability to utilize the retract button not only depends on the current state of the service note, but also depends on the access rights of the user.

To have access rights to retract a service note, the role in which your account is associated must be configured to do so. This setting can be found within the security configurations (Configure > Security > Configure Roles > Desktop Security > Notes > Retract Notes).

Additionally, one of the following criteria must be met.

  • 1.       You are the supervisor of the user that created the service note.
  • 2.       Your account role provides access to utilize the “Notes Super-user Mode”. This is located under the ‘Options’ button in OnTarget.

If an attempt to retract a note is made without meeting the requirements for access, a message will appear.

The current state of the service note also determines the ability for retraction. Service notes that are approved for billing cannot be retracted. When opened, a service note will display the current state. This can be found on the right side of the service note window.

If a service note is in an ‘Approved’ or ‘Billed’ state, like the example above, it must be reverted to retract the note.

First, click the ‘Process” button found in the bottom right corner of the service note window.

Next, within the pop-up window, remove the check marks from the ‘Approved for Billing’ and / or ‘Approve for Payroll’ check boxes. Once unchecked, enter your password to confirm the change. Then, click ‘Ok’.

Once OnTarget completes the process, the service note will be reverted to a ‘Signed’ state. With the service note now in signed state, a retract can be processed.

Retract a Multi-Day Service Note

With the needed criteria met for retracting a service note, the process steps for retraction can begin.

Additionally, if a service note contains multiple dates of service the ‘Date of Service’ column will contain the word “Various”. Likewise, if a service note contains multiple time periods, the columns for “Start Time” and “End Time” will contain the word various. These indicators may be used to reference the service note to determine if the multi-day option occurred.


Once a service note that has not been approved is opened, click the ‘Retract’ button in the bottom left of the note window.

Please Note: When retracting a multi-day service note, all the time record(s) or timeclock record(s) associated with the note will no longer be linked to the note once the retraction process completes. OnTarget will display a reminder before choosing to retract a service note.


Clicking “Yes” will initiate the service note retraction process and display an attestation statement to confirm the retraction. To confirm, enter your OnTarget password and enter a comment describing the reason for the retraction. Then, click ‘OK’.

Once completed, OnTarget will display a message in the top right corner of the window confirming success in completion.

With the note now retracted, the note’s status / state is updated to “Billed”. This state is applied since the note has been retracted and no additional processes are needed.

Multi-Day Service Note Retraction | Results

During the retraction process, detailed aspects for the service note are updated and related time records revised before links are broken.

The service note will be updated to place the ‘Billing Status’ and ‘Payroll Status’ in a “Revision” state. The new status is displayed within the notes grid.

Additionally, the history for the retracted service note will be updated to note the change. The history contains the comment entered describing the reason for the retraction.

Time records and timeclocks that were associated with the retracted service note are revised to zero out the hours / units for the multiple dates of service or time periods.


Additionally, as shown in the above screenshot, the Start Time and End Time have changed to 1:00 AM. This produces the zeroed-out hours / units.

Please Note: Retracting a service note does not affect the data entered for the outcome(s) and does not remove the created DMS document associated with the note. These are retained in OnTarget.

  • 2.     Client Search Grid Results – Email Address

When viewing the results when utilizing the client search grid, the client’s email address will now appear as an added column. The email column is located between the SS# and the address. 

The added client email address column may also be sorted by clicking on the column name and choosing a sorting option.

Exporting Client Grid Results

When Client search grid records are exported using the Export option located on the bottom left for the client search grid window, the report will display the client email column. This includes exporting report results into an Excel or PDF file.

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