09.23.2022 Release Notes

  • 1.     Service Type Listing for a Missed Shift

The ability to see the service type for a scheduled shift marked as missed within the grid view of the schedule is now available. Previously, the service type column within the grid view for the schedule had been listed as “Missed Shift”. Displaying the service type for a missed shift in the grid view provides better transparency to the scheduled shift for efficient use.

The ability to view the displayed service type for a scheduled missed shift is only available within the grid view of a schedule. To view the schedule in a grid view, open the Scheduling module and at the top of the schedule window and click the ‘Grid’ button.


The view will change to a grid type of view and provide additional search / filter options.


When viewing schedule shifts within the schedule grid view, the ‘Service’ column will now display the scheduled service rather than the ‘Missed Shift’ text. The ‘Missed Shift’ column displays a filled checkbox to indicate a missed shift while the ‘Missed Shift Type’ displays the basic reason for the missed shift. All the noted columns may be sorted within the grid.

 Columns may be sorted by clicking the arrow down icon to display sorting options.


The service type will also display when the records in the scheduling grid view are exported. Using the ‘Export’ button located in the bottom left of the schedule grid window provides the process and options for exporting the record data.

The export will display the service type, the ‘Missed Shift’ is marked as Yes or No, and the ‘Missed Shift Type’ is displayed to provide transparency and the ability to sort within the selected format.



  • 2.     HHA New Requirement for Home / Community

About the Requirement

Recently, HHA distributed publications regarding a new requirement that effective 10/05/2022, all HHA file submissions must contain a Clock-In Service Location Type and a Clock-Out Service Location Type with an entry of either “Home” or “Community”. To support the effective date, OnTarget immediately began working on a solution. Although HHA has changed the effective date to 01/01/2023, the work to release this solution is already underway. With the delay in the effective date, we will delay the release of the solution but still intend to put the solution into production sooner rather than later.

The entry of the service location types for when a user clocks-in and clocks-out is determined by where the service was provided. If the service was provided in the home of the individual served, then “Home” would be the required entry. Likewise, if the service was provided outside of the home of the individual served, then “Community” would be the required entry.

About the OnTarget Solution

To provide an effective, efficient manner for determining the service location types, OnTarget will be utilizing the collected GPS coordinates during a user’s clock-in and clock-out and compare them to the GPS coordinates of the individual’s home address. If the collected GPS coordinates match the GPS coordinates for the individual’s home or the compared coordinates are within a .5-mile radius of the Individual’s home, then the service location type will be automatically entered as “Home”. Of course, if the compared coordinates are outside the 0.5-mile radius of the individual’s home, then the service location type will be automatically entered as “Community”. OnTarget will use the comparison of the coordinates any time a user clocks-in and any time a user clocks-out.

  • 3.     A Sneak Peek OnTarget’s New Mobile Application in Progress

The secret is finally out, and we are very excited and proud to announce that OnTarget has been diligently working on the production of a new mobile application!

Our goal is to provide users the ability to complete all their work efficiently within the new mobile application by providing intuitive workflows and functions. This provides user more time to focus on providing the best possible services to their individuals.

Below are 2 sneak peek screen shots of the new mobile application. Please note the 2 nd screen shot which is the newly redesigned, intuitive schedule page. At the bottom of that screen, the other areas that the mobile application will provide to users are listed (Action Center, Notes, Timesheets, and more)!

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