02.16.2023 Release Notes

  • 1.     Webforms Updates

OnTarget is proud to announce the first release of an upcoming series for updates to our Webforms! This initial release brings optimization and modernization to a certain set of Webforms, with the primary focus of increasing the speed in which the form renders to display on your screen. For specific forms, the modernization includes updated buttons and a much cleaner form of messages. We will continue to focus on the optimization efforts so that all forms reap the same benefit of increased load times. 


The Webform function buttons have a cleaner appearance for a modern button display.



Similarly, the messages displayed are much more modern in style and action.
Continued efforts are being made to provide additional optimized and modernized enhancements to Webforms for a better, more robust experience!

  • 2.     Mobile Application Update!!

We’re on the edge of excitement!!

Progress for the new, upcoming OnTarget mobile application has been tremendous and we’re one the edge of release!

Below are some sneak peek screenshots from the mobile application. From the top left, the OnTarget Mobile application log in screen, the main menu icons listed the available application features, the collection of interventions for an outcome for a grid service note, the timesheets list where users can sign their timesheets, and the create a service note for an unscheduled shift.

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