02.23.2023 Release Notes

OnTarget has begun the process of providing consistent information for the search grids available within the system. This first release brings consistent column titles throughout each search grid which may assist in aligning exported data from multiple search grids. Additionally, the titles for the search fields for each grid now aligns with the column titles.


As shown above, the updated column names as well as the search field titles will be consistent throughout all search grids.

As we continue moving forward with search grid updates, the formatting of the data within each column will be consistent throughout the search grids. For example, the format for a Client Name will be the same throughout all search grids which will further enhance usability when exporting search grid data results.

  • 2.     Increase in the DMS Upload Size

Previously, when attempting to upload a document into DMS, any document that exceeded 15 MB would not complete or save due to the limitation placed on a document size allowable. OnTarget has increased the allowable document upload size from 15 MB to 30 MB.

This update allows users to upload documents up to 30 MB in size into the DMS. Uploading a document into DMS can either be done though the Options menu within OnTarget or within specific areas of OnTarget.

  • 3.     Mobile Application Update!!

Closing in on completion!!

Although it’s only been a week since out last mobile application update, we’ve made great progress and are closing in on completion.

In case you missed them last week, below are some sneak peek screenshots from the mobile application. From the top left, the OnTarget Mobile application log in screen, the main menu icons listed the available application features, the collection of interventions for an outcome for a grid service note, the timesheets list where users can sign their timesheets, and the create a service note for an unscheduled shift.

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