03.16.2023 Release Notes

The ability to retract a service note is determined by the current state of the note. Service notes that have never been signed do not require a retraction. This enhancement prevents the retraction of service notes that have never been signed.

Please Note: A service note that has never been signed may be deleted. The ability to delete a note that has never been signed is why retraction is not an option.

A service note that has never been signed means that it has been created and may contain user entered data, but the user has not signed the note. Additionally, service notes that have not been signed will not contain associated DMS records. The creation of an associated DMS record for a service note would only occur if a note has been signed.

A service note that has not been signed (never been signed) will retain a state of Work in Progress and as shown below, will not contain an associated DMS record.

When attempting to retract a service note that has never been signed and does not contain an associated DMS record, the following message will appear.

Please Note: A service note that has been signed previously but has been unsigned, will also retain a state of Work in Progress. However, there will be an associated DMS record for a note that has been unsigned. In this case, the note retraction process is available.

The retraction of a service note may only occur when the user performing the retraction has sufficient privileges to perform the process and when the service is not in an unapproved state. Service notes that are in an unapproved state and that are signed or have been unsigned (signed previously) may be retracted.

Accessing the Retract Note Option

The ability to utilize the retract button not only depends on the current state of the service note, but also depends on the access rights of the user.

To have access rights to retract a service note, the role in which your account is associated must be configured to do so. Additionally, one of the following criteria must be met.

  • 1.       You are the supervisor of the user that created the service note.
  • 2.       Your account role provides access to utilize the “Notes Super-user Mode”. This is located under the ‘Options’ button in OnTarget.

If an attempt to retract a note is made without meeting the requirements for access, a message will appear.

The current state of the service note also determines the ability for retraction. Service notes that are approved for billing cannot be retracted. When opened, a service note will display the current state. This can be found on the right side of the service note window.

If a service note is in an ‘Approved’ or ‘Billed’ state, like the example above, it must be reverted to retract the note.

First, click the ‘Process” button found in the bottom right corner of the service note window.

Next, within the pop-up window, remove the checkmarks from the ‘Approved for Billing’ and / or ‘Approve for Payroll’ checkboxes. Once unchecked, enter your password to confirm the change. Then, click ‘Ok’.

Once OnTarget completes the process, the service note will be reverted to a ‘Signed’ state. With the service note now in signed state, a retract can be processed.

Once a service note that has not been approved is opened, click the ‘Retract’ button in the bottom left of the note window.

Please Note: When retracting a multi-day service note, all the time record(s) or timeclock record(s) associated with the note will no longer be linked to the note once the retraction process completes. OnTarget will display a reminder before choosing to retract a service note.

Clicking “Yes” will initiate the service note retraction process and display an attestation statement to confirm the retraction. To confirm, enter your OnTarget password and enter a comment describing the reason for the retraction. Then, click ‘OK’.

Once completed, OnTarget will display a message in the top right corner of the window confirming success in completion.

With the note now retracted, the note’s status / state is updated to “Billed”. This state is applied since the note has been retracted and no additional processes are needed.

  • 2.     Mobile Application Update!!

Closing in on completion!!

Although it’s only been a week since out last mobile application update, we’ve made great progress and are closing in on completion.

In case you missed them last time, below are some sneak peek screenshots from the mobile application. From the top left, the OnTarget Mobile application log in screen, the main menu icons listed the available application features, the collection of interventions for an outcome for a grid service note, the time sheets list where users can sign their time sheets, and the create a service note for an unscheduled shift.

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