04.10.2023 Release Notes

  1. Increase in the DMS Upload Size

As a reminder, when attempting to upload a document into DMS, any document that exceeded 15 MB would not complete or save due to the limitation placed on a document size allowable. OnTarget has increased the allowable document upload size from 15 MB to 30 MB.

This update allows users to upload documents up to 30 MB in size into the DMS. Uploading a document into DMS can either be done though the Options menu within OnTarget or within specific areas of OnTarget.

To provide the best experience possible with this enhancement, OnTarget has reviewed and confirmed that all areas in which documents may be uploaded for DMS storage now allow an upload size of 30 MB.

  1. Supervision Event - Add Certification Automation

OnTarget had released this enhancement previously, but additional functionality was added and improved to provide better, more reliable processes when completing these types of tasks.

When adding a new Supervision Event for an employee, OnTarget now provides an automated way to enter the date completed and the expiration date based on an associated signed Webform. In addition, the Supervision Event can be automatically added or updated to the employees Certifications.

Setting Up Access Configurations

Access configurations is also an important aspect for this process. Providing access for users to enter a new Supervision Event and Certification for an employee is critical. However, the ability to provide access to edit the Supervision Event dates and the Certification dates is also valuable. Based on the needs of your company, prohibiting access to edit dates may be important.

Providing access to the Supervision Event and Certification tab can be found by opening Configure > Security > Configure Roles > Desktop Security > Employees. Checking the appropriate checkboxes for access can be done here.

Access to view / edit specific fields for Supervision Event and / or Certification entries can be configured by going to Configure > Security > Configure Roles > Data Security > All Employees and opening the appropriate section.

There is a section for Supervision Events in which access can be set to Read Only or Denied. Leaving the checkboxes blank will provide full access to the listed fields.

Likewise, for the Certifications, the same rules apply for the listed checkboxes.

Setting Up Auto-Expiration Configurations

There are some associated configurations within OnTarget that would affect the outcome for this new process.

With the ability for the supervision entry event to contain the appropriate expiration date, which is based on the signed date for the associated Webform, it’s important to ensure that the correct number of days are configured for the related certification.

The configuration can be found by opening the Configure module, clicking on List Configuration, then choosing Employees and finally, clicking on Certifications.

This will open a list of certifications for your company. One of the attributes listed in this configuration is titled as “# of Days Valid”. This is the total number of days that the certification will expire from the completed / signed date.

In the example below, the “# of Days Valid” contains an entry of “90” days. With this entry, the expiration date for the noted certification will be automatically set to 90 days from the date signed / completed.

Clicking the button will open the verification page where an agreement statement is provided to confirm using an electronic signature.

Setting Up Webforms and Webform Access Configurations

The process for validating / automatically entering the completion date for a Supervision Event is dependent on the associated Webform that is fully signed. Webforms that appear for entered records under Supervision Events should contain a ‘DocFormat’ titled “Supervision Form”.

Once a Webform is created and contains ‘DocFormat’ as “Supervision Form”, the user entering the Supervision Event must have access to use the Webform. This setting is configured by navigating to Configure > Security > Configure Roles > Webforms.

Locate the Webform by the form title and use the available check boxes to assign the appropriate access for all users under the selected role.

The access options for each listed Webform include “Can Use”, “Can Edit/Delete” and “Sign Only.

Entering a New Supervision Event

With the configurations completed based on the company needs / regulations, the process for entering a supervision event for automatic entry for the certification will be a smooth process.

This starts by opening an employee record and navigating to the Supervision Event tab within the employee record.

Clicking the ‘Add’ button will create a new entry row within the Supervision Events table within the employee record.

With the new row added, use the drop-down list to locate and select the needed type of Supervision Event.

Because the ‘Date Completed’ field will automatically populate once the associated Webform is signed, there is no need to enter a date in this field. Likewise, the ‘Date Expired’ will automatically populate. These two date fields can be left blank.

Next, choose a Certification from the drop-down menu provided. The selected certification will be transposed to the Certification tab as part of the process.

Once the supervision type and certification are selected, use the ‘Update’ button to complete this entry.

Now that the new supervision event has been properly entered, the Webform for this event can now be produced and completed. Remember, the dates for the new entry is dependent on the completion of the Webform.

Completing the Supervision Event Webform

First, click the blue “+_” button to the right of the new supervision event entry.

Using this button will open a new window to choose an associated Webform for the selected supervision event type. Click the ‘Add Form’ button to display a list of associated Webforms.

Please Note: A created Webform must contain a Doc Format of “Supervision Form” to have an association with a Supervision Event entry.

A second window will open to display a drop-down menu for selecting an associated Webform for the supervision event.

Clicking the ‘Add’ button once the Webform is selected will open the Webform for completion. Once the fields on the Webform are appropriately completed, signing the Webform can now be completed. Based on the way your company formatted the Webform, the way in which signing occurs may differ.

Once the Webform is completed, sign the Webform. The Webforms window may now be closed.

Validating the Supervision Event Dates

Using the ‘Validate Dates’ button on the corresponding supervision event entry will automatically enter the ‘Date Completed’ and ‘Date Expires’ fields.

Please Note: The date completed field will contain the date in which the Webform is signed. The date expires field will be based on the number of days configured (as explained earlier in this note) from the date completed.

To transpose the appropriate dates, click the ‘Validate Dates’ button in the appropriate supervision event row.

A warning message will appear to confirm the validation of the dates.

Clicking the ‘Yes’ button will confirm the process and the dates will are automatically entered. For the example below, the configuration is set to a 90-day expiration.

Adding or Updating a Certification

With the supervision event full entered and completed, it can now be transposed to the Certification tab for the employee record. Using the ‘Add / Update Certification’ button (shown above) is used to complete the process. Using the button will display a warning message for confirmation.

Please Note: The ‘Add / Update Certification’ button will perform one of two tasks. The task the button performs is dependent on if the selected employee’s certification tab already contains a certificate for the selected supervision event. If a certification already exists, OnTarget will update the listed certificated. However, if the certification does not exist within the employee’s certification, OnTarget creates the new certificate. Previous certifications are not retained. However, supervision history is retained within the Supervision Event tab.

Choosing ‘Yes’ for the certification creation / update will complete the process for transposing the appropriate dates to the employee’s certification tab.

Based on the security settings for your company, the dates for the certification and / or supervision event may or may not be editable once entered. If the settings prohibit changing the dates, those fields will be grayed out.

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