07.27.2023 Release Notes

  • 1. Employee Pay Types - Access Update

OnTarget has updated the accessibility for specific aspects within the Employee Pay Types section of an employee record to promote better security and assurance of correct data.

When configuring data security for Employee Pay Types, the setting to apply read only or denied access now prohibits the configured roll from the ability to add a pay type and add a pay type by form. Additionally, this update ensures that editing existing pay type data is prohibited for a read only and denied configuration.

Desktop Security Access Types

Within the Desktop security configurations under the Employee section, there are two different configurations for pay types. These are noted as ‘Pay Types’ and ‘Pay Types Full Access’. Only one of these options may be configured for a role and each result in different access to data.

Pay Types – This desktop security configuration provides users with the ability to view the basic information for pay types. Unlike the full access configuration, the user is prohibited from viewing all the data associated with a pay type record.

The configuration setting pictured above limits the data associated users can view. The limited columns of data prohibit selected roles from seen irrelevant data that is not pertinent.

Pay Types Full Access – The full access configuration provides users within the selected role the ability to view all the associated data for pay type records.

With this setting configured for the selected role, the hidden columns not displayed for the ‘Pay Types’ option are displayed for full access.

Data Security Access Types

Despite the desktop security configuration setting for the ‘Pay Types’ and ‘Pay Types Full Access’ options, the security configuration controlling the user’s ability to enter, edit, and view details for pay type record entries are set within Data Security.

Within the data security for Employee Pay Types there are 3 different variations / options for data access configuration. Each result in different access levels for selected roles.

Option 1: No Configured Restriction – Under the Employee Pay Types security configuration in data security two options are provided. These are noted as Read Only and Denied. The specifics of these options will be provided further in this section.

Choosing neither of the Read Only or Denied check boxes for one or all listed pay type data elements provides the users of the selected role access to add new pay types into the employee record (pictured below). This configuration setting also allows users to delete employee pay type records. Any other setting within data security (Read Only or Denied) prohibits deletion of pay type records.

Please Note: Selecting specific pay type data elements will result in limitations for the selected elements.

Option 2: Read Only Restriction – Applying a Read Only configuration to all the data elements for the employee pay type configuration under data security results in disallowing users to edit any of the fields for Employee Pay Type records and disallows the ability to add new pay types.

Please Note: If one of the data elements (shown above) is not checked for read only or denied, users will be provided the ability to add new pay types to the employee record. Moreover, A listed data element for pay types that is not checked for Read Only or Denied will provide the user the ability to edit the data within the element.

Users are unable to add new pay types for an employee record or edit existing data. The ability to view the data is provided to the user.

Option 3: Denied Restriction – Utilizing the Denied configuration for the employee pay type elements within data security applies additional restrictions when viewing pay type records. A denied type of access prohibits users from viewing the data entered the pay type fields. Instead of the data being displayed, the entry is masked with an asterisk.

Please Note: Like the Read Only configuration, all the data elements for employee pay type under data security need to be checked to prohibit the user’s ability to add pay type to an employee record. Moreover, a listed employee pay type element that is not checked as denied or read only will allow the user to edit the field data.

Users denied access to all pay type data elements are prohibited from adding new pay types for employee records and the data within the fields are masked preventing the user from seeing any of the field data.

  • 2. Mobile Application Update

OnTarget is gearing up for release! We’re adding some final touches to the application! Our goal is to ensure that the full release of the mobile application is successful, providing you with an outstanding mobile application!

Below are some recent pictures of the mobile application!

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