09.14.2023 Release Notes

  • 1. Gender Identity Field for Client and Employee Record

OnTarget has added a new field for both the Client record and Employee record to utilize for gender identification. The field provides a drop-down list of gender identity choices that when selected can be saved, edited, or removed.

In an Employee’s record, the Gender Identity field is located within the ‘Other Information’ section and below the Gender field.

The Gender field retains the drop-down choices for Male and Female while the Gender Identity fields provides other drop-down options.

In a Client’s record, the new Gender Identity field is located within the Identification section and below the Gender field. As with the Employee record, a drop-down list of options is available for selection. The drop-down list between the Employee and Client records is the same.

Please Note: The drop-down list available for Gender Identity does not provide the ability to add or remove the listed options. If a new Gender Identity type needs to be added to the drop-down list, an OnTarget support ticket may be submitted.

The Gender Identity field for the Employee and Client record are not required fields providing the option to leave this field blank if preferred.

  • 2. Reset Password Email Content Update - Username Excluded

To provide improved security to protect your OnTarget user account and ensure the security of confidential information stored in OnTarget, the email sent for password reset request will no longer contain a username.

Clicking the Forgot Password button on the login page for the OnTarget desktop site will automatically send information for resetting your password to your email address.

The email will contain the needed information to reset your OnTarget password excluding your username.

Please Note: If you’re unable to remember your username or if you do not receive the password reset email, please contact your supervisor for additional assistance.

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