11.17.2023 Release Notes

1.     Submitting a Signature for a Webform– Loading Mask

OnTarget has added a loading mask that appears when users Submit a Signature for a signed Webform. The loading mask appears once the Submit Signature button on the Webform is clicked indicating to the user to Please Wait until the process completes. The new loading mask will appear for not only internal OnTarget users but will also appear for 3rdparty Webform recipients.

When a 3rd party recipient receives an emailed notification that contains a link to sign a Webform, the user can easily click the link to be taken to a web page to begin the process.

To verify the recipient, the user is required to enter the date of birth for client associated to the Webform.The date of birth must be entered in a specific format (mm/dd/yyyy). Once the client’s date of birth is entered, the Authenticate button is clicked to validate the entry.

If the validation of the entered date of birth passes, the user is presented with an Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure agreement statement. To continue, the user is required to mark the checkbox agreeing to the statement.

Once the checkbox is marked, the user can begin the signing process for the Webform by locating the yellow Click to Sign box(es) located within the Webform. Clicking the box will allow the user to adopt an electronic signature to apply to the Webform.

Clicking the Click to Sign button results in the user adopting an electronic signature.

Within the Adopt your signature window, the user clicks Adopt and Sign to complete the application of the electronic signature to the Webform. Once the signature is applied to the Webform, the remaining step is to submit the signature applied to the Webform by clicking the Submit Signature button at the bottom of the page.

When the Submit Signature button is clicked, the new loading mask appears to indicate to the user to wait until the process completes. The loading mask will assist in preventing the user from closing the web page before the submission process is complete and avoids potential issues.

Once the Submit Signature process has been completed, the load mask disappears, and a confirmation message is displayed to indicate to the user that the submission has been successfully completed.

Please note: OnTarget internal users may have reduced steps when signing a Webform. However, the added loading mask when submitting the adopted signature will appear regardless.

2.     Client Record – Care Manager Information for Eligibility Tab

To provide more visibility to newly added Care Manager information for a client’s health care and benefits eligibility status /report, the eligibility information within the Eligibility tab of a client record, a new column has been added to the available report.

The new column is titled “Care Manager Organization” and lists the associated Care Manager / Organization assigned to the client. This information may be used as a contact reference for users needing to contact the assigned Care Manager.

Access to the Eligibility tab is configured in OnTarget inside the security settings. To review / update this configuration you can use the following path: Configure > Security > Configure Roles.

Once a role is selected, within the Clients > General section, a checkbox is listed for Eligibility. Marking the checkbox provides the selected role access to the Eligibility tab within the client record and to the eligibility information within the report.

Please Note: Contacting your security administrator may be needed to configure this security setting.

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