02.08.2024 Release Notes

OnTarget Session Timer Countdown

OnTarget has added a new session timer countdown to the desktop window that provides users visibility to the amount of time left for an idle session or a session in which the user is not actively interacting with OnTarget.

Upon logging into the OnTarget desktop, the amount of time listed within the timer countdown field is the configured total session time for the user’s company. As users interact with OnTarget desktop, the timer countdown retains its total configured session time.

However, when users do not interact with an OnTarget desktop session, the amount of time on the timer countdown field will decrease in minutes. This allows users to see the amount of time remaining in an idle session before the user’s session is automatically logged out of OnTarget.

When the user’s session time countdown reaches 5 minutes remaining,a message will appear for the user. The message will provide the user with the option to keep the session open or log out of the session. Selecting to keep the session open restarts the timer countdown to it configured total session time.

Please Note: If a user does not choose Yes or No within the remaining 5 minutes, OnTarget will automatically close the user’s session. A session that is automatically closed / logged out may result in loss of data entry if a save did not occur.

Organizations can configure the maximum number of minutes in which an automatic session time out occurs. The configuration is located within the global configuration setting for the OnTarget organization account. (Configure> List Configuration > Global > Edit Company Info)

The maximum number of minutes that can be configured for a session time out is 60 minutes while the minimum number of minutes for a session time out is 10 minutes.

To learn more about the maximum number of session time out minutes configured for your organization, please contact your organization’s system administrator.

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