Client Record FAQ

Q: How do I add a client record?

A: To add a client, open the Clients group, select the Clients desktop button. Then select the green plus sign to Add Client. Fill out the required data and any additional information as desired, then select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Q: When I attempt to delete a client record, I get an error message that states ‘Unable to delete client because it is in use by a saved object’.  What does this error message mean, and is there any way for me to delete this newly created client record? 

A:  This error messages means that there are saved records or items associated with the client record in question.  For instance, there may be saved DMS, treatment plans, notes, or authorizations.  In order to completely delete the client record, all of these ‘saved objects’ must first be removed from the record; then the record can be deleted.  If this is not possible, the best option is simply to inactivate the client record by opening the record, clicking the ‘Inactive’ checkbox, and Saving.  

Q:  How do I inactivate a client’s record?

A:  Open the client record and select the "Inactive" check box located under the Personal Details section of the Identification tab.  Once this is marked, the line item will be greyed out and taken out of the active client list.

Q: Why am I unable to locate an inactive client in the client search grid?

A: The client search grid shows active clients by default. In order to locate the inactive client records, select the option "Clear Filters" in the client search grid prior to searching for the client recordIn order to view all inactive clients, select the option "Inactive" in the "Active" drop-down search field of the client search grid:

Q: What is the difference between the client diagnosis added to a service authorization versus the client diagnosis added under the Medical section of the client record? 

A: The diagnosis that is designated as the Primary diagnosis in the Medical section of the client record (DSM 5 tab) is the default diagnosis that gets submitted with billing claims. When a diagnosis, other than the primary, is selected on the authorization that diagnosis will override the primary and be submitted with all claims for that authorized service.

Q:  When I add a service under the services section of the Clients Desktop, it is listed in bold and has a delete icon.  The other services in the list are greyed out and cannot be edited.  Why is this the case? 

A:  When services are added under the services section of the Clients Desktop instead of through the Authorizations desktop, they are not associated with authorizations or billing.  Services that are entered in this way are indicated in bold by the system.  The system displays services that are associated authorizations/billing as greyed out.  Services entered through the Authorizations desktop must be managed there.   

Q:  Why are none of the medications listed in the client's record showing up on the MAR calendar for the client?  

A:  In order for a medication to be included on the MAR, the "Include on MAR?" check box for the medication (Medications tab) must be selected.  The correct day of week and times for administration must also be selected.  The start and stop dates for the medication must also span the dates for which they are to be administered.  Once this data is in place for the medication, select the check box next to the medication listed under the MAR tab to activate medications for administration. 

Q:  Why are the goals/outcomes that I created for a client not syncing over to notes?

A:  In order for goals/outcomes to pull to a note, outcomes must be linked to a service.  To verify that the outcomes are linked to a service, go to the treatment plan section of the client and select the outcomes associated with the treatment plan.  Ensure that each outcome has an associated service, and that the service is correct for the note documentation being entered.  If not, add a service and click on Save to save the link to the client record. The service on the outcome has to be a direct match to the service on the authorization.

Q: Why am I receiving an error stating "There are no outcomes associated for this service and client. Please add outcomes to this client's service from the client management screen" when trying to complete my note?                            

A: The goals in the treatment plan need to be reviewed to ensure the service is assigned to each one that should up on the service note. It must be a direct match to the service against the authorization.

       *If you do not have the correct permissions to view treatment plans, and are not a security administrator, you will need to contact your supervisor.

Q:  Why is my name not showing up as an option under the ‘Supervisor’ drop down for any of the clients on my caseload?

A:  Supervisory rights are controlled by the associated employee’s job title/configuration in OnTarget.  From Configure > List Configuration > Employees > Job Titles, ensure that the job title in question has the ‘Supervisor’ checkbox selected.  

Q:  What purpose does the ‘Certifications’ tab serve in the client record?  Shouldn’t certifications be a part of the employee record, instead of the client record?    

A:  The ‘Certifications’ tab of the client record is where certifications can be made required for a particular client.  By checking the checkbox(es) next to any of the available certifications, the system will check for the corresponding certification(s) within the employee record(s) for any staff providing services (note documentation).  The corresponding validation that must be enforced from Configure > Security > Configure Roles > Validations tab is the ‘Employee Client Certification’.    

Q:  When I go to add an incident report from the ‘Incident Reports’ tab, I see a limited set of incident types from the ‘Type’ drop-down.  Can I add/remove items from this list? 

A:  Yes, this list can be managed by going to Configure > List Configuration > Clients > Incident Types. 

Q:  Is there a client ‘face sheet’ available in OnTarget? 

A:  Yes, the client ‘face sheet’ is available for each client from the Clients search grid.  Filter/search for the client(s) requiring a face sheet from the grid.  Next, click on the ‘View Report’ button for the client (just to the right of the ‘Edit Client’ – pencil icon).  This will display a client face sheet w/ important demographic, diagnosis, medication, allergy, consent, assessment, admissions and treatment plan information.  Note:  only information that has been entered into these corresponding areas of the client record will return with results.  The report can be exported as an excel or .pdf file. 

Q:  When I click on the ‘Assigned Employees’ tab of a client record, I am not able to add/associate employees.  Am I doing something wrong?  How do I add/associate employees to clients?

A:  The ‘Assigned Employees’ tab displays assigned employees as read only.  The actual linking/associating of client and employee records is completed back at the employee’s record.  From Employees, find the employee to be linked to a particular client.  Click on the ‘Assigned Clients’ tab.  Click ‘Add’, and select the client to be linked…click Update to save.  Now, this employee will display from the associated client’s ‘Assigned Employees’ tab.    

Q:  When I try to add an ICD10 diagnosis code from Medical > DSM 5 tab > Add DSM 5 Entry > ICD10 drop-down, the ICD10 code does not populate.  What should I do?

A:  The available diagnoses in OnTarget are considered ‘DSM 5 compliant’, meaning the codes can typically be found within the DSM 5 manual.  However, most medical-related diagnosis codes (not typically found in the DSM 5 manual) can be entered/selected in OnTarget.  If there is a medical-related diagnosis code that does not appear, reach out to to request that the ICD10 code be entered into the system.   

Q:  When I attempt to clone a treatment plan for goal revisions, I’m getting an error message that states ‘Treatment plan overlaps with another plan for this client.’  How do I move forward with cloning the plan?

A:  This error message typically presents if the user attempts to clone a treatment plan before end dating the plan being cloned, first.  Ensure that the plan being cloned has been end dated first.  Then, click the treatment plan clone button, select the plan type and format.  Enter the start and end dates for the cloned plan and save.   

Q: What is the purpose of the ‘Notes’ tab within the client record?  Is this where I write/find daily notes for clients?

A:  The ‘Notes’ tab within the client record is not where daily notes are written/found.  Daily notes can be located from the Notes desktop.  The purpose of the ‘Notes’ tab within the client record is to allow for the documentation of important client-specific information; a sort of ‘sticky-note’ for the chart.

Q: Is there a way for me to quickly identify high risk clients from the Clients search grid?

A:  Yes, to quickly identify high risk clients from the Clients search grid, find the ‘High Risk’ filter (bottom of the stack), and select ‘Yes’; click Search.  If client records have been flagged as ‘high risk’, the records that populate will display in pink.

Q: I have a client with 2 supervisors, each responsible for approving the client’s notes.  However, I only see that I can assign 1 supervisor from the client’s ‘Supervisor’ drop-down.  Is there no way to assign 2 supervisors to the client? 

A:  OnTarget only allows for the selection of a single/primary supervisor.  However, for note approval purposes, the secondary supervisor can enable ‘Notes super-user mode’ from Options, in order to find/review notes from the Notes search grid for approval. Additionally, for any services being scheduled, the supervisor can be overridden/selected and that supervisor will then auto-populate to the note for approvals.

Q: How do I update goals for a client? Do I create a new Treatment Plan (Addendum)?

A: The answer to this depends on the scenario—here are a few common ones:

  •         If it is just a new service and the goals do not need to be updated, then you can add the service to the existing goals.
  •         If ALL the goals have changed, we recommend ending the existing plan and cloning it to create a new plan start/end date and then editing the goal descriptions as needed
  •         If only some of the goals have changed, then you can enter a close date against the individual goal that is no longer valid and then add a new goal with the open date as the effective date.

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