Authorization FAQ

Q: Why am I seeing the Error: 'Service date not between start/end date for service authorization' when scheduling or entering notes?

 A: Whenever you see this error message you want to look at the service authorization dates. In most of these scenarios, the authorization ends before the date of service on the note. A quick way to check the end date for the authorized service is by opening the note and looking at the date appended to the end of the service abbreviation in the Service drop-down.
In order to resolve this issue, the staff will need to select the service authorization from the Service drop-down menu with an end date that falls after the date of service or the authorization dates need to updated to support the date of service being scheduled/documented.

Q: We have a staff that is receiving an exceeding maximum unit’s notification when trying to schedule non-school day hours, can you please tell me why it is not counting those days in the maximum allowed units?

A: There must be days configured as non-school days in the School Years configuration section in order to be able to schedule the extra units for those days. If you go to the Authorizations desktop you will see the School Years button in the upper right corner. If you search the clients' school district and hit search, you will see any non-school days configured in green or will need to add the school district and select the non-school days from the calendar.

Q: How do I fix an overlapping authorization message?

A: Under Authorizations, open the old, incorrect authorization, change the end date for the actual authorization, click Save (this will also change the end date on all services on the authorization). Then create the new authorization using a date that is after the end date on the previous authorization and click Save.

Q: How did I make edits to an authorization that will ultimately need to update schedules, notes, time record, billing, etc? I don't want to have to add a new authorization and then consequently have to update all of the associated records such as schedules, notes, etc. 

A: This can be done and the answer depends on the scenario:

Please review the two scenarios below as well as the items to consider section before proceeding with making any changes to authorizations. These two scenarios will change the service on notes, schedules, time records AND claims already created. 

SCENARIO: Provider needs to update the existing service on the authorization to a new service.

1.  End date incorrect service line against the authorization, using an end date prior to the first date of service that needs to be corrected. 

2.  Create a NEW service line on that authorization with the OLD, INCORRECT service, using a start date that aligns with the first date of service to be corrected. Clicking save will update all notes, time records, and invoices to this authorization record, which will be updated to the correct service in the next step.

3.  Immediately change the service on the new authorization to the NEW, UPDATED service. Clicking save will change all associated records to the new service.  Please be aware that all historical data will update to the new service as well for the date range of the authorization.

SCENARIO: Provider needs to create a new authorization for the SAME service (common when the authorizing payer has changed and the existing authorization cannot be updated)

1.   End date incorrect authorization, using an end date prior to the first date of service that needs to be corrected. Both end dates on the authorization need to be updated; the top part of the form and at the bottom against the service line(s). 

2.      Create a whole new authorization with the SAME service. Clicking save will update all notes, time records, and invoices to the correct authorization for the affected dates of service. Please be aware that all historical data will update to the new service as well for the date range of the authorization.

Note: Both options should ONLY be used if you need to make a BULK change to schedules/notes/time records. 


  • If changing a service code, how are the units affected? Is there a different rounding method, or frequency? 
  • Is the new service changing from requiring start and end times to duration only or vice versa? 
  • If the old service code needs to be paid back, make sure to process the void/notify first, then make the appropriate authorization changes. 
  • How will payroll be affected, especially for unit changes? 
  • Are the authorizations for different payers? If so, the methods will only work if the service is the SAME SERVICE ABBREVIATION as the original incorrect service.

Q: What do I do if I have items stuck on the time records tab when an authorization has been changed?

 A: If there was a recent change to the actual service on the authorization and the time records still show the wrong service there are two options:               

  •         The caregiver corrects the note to the correct service.
  •         Go to time records/find the time record/double click on the time record to edit/choose the correct service. Please note, this breaks the tie between the note and the time record.

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