Accounting (AP/GL) List Configuration FAQ

Accounts Payable

Q: Is it possible to require the Cost Center field when creating the General Ledger distribution entry on an AP voucher?

A: Yes, whether cost center is a required field for general ledger distribution when entering AP vouchers. Go to Configure > List Configuration > Accounts Payable > Rules.

Q: Can AP reminders be set so that I know when to pay my bills?

A: Yes. First go to Configure > List Configuration > Accounts Payable > Rules. Enter in the number of days from the due date to start the reminder alerts in the “Reminder Days” field. In the Vouchers search grid, the row will turn yellow as a visual cue/reminder once the voucher record is within the number of reminder days from schedule date. If the voucher is not paid by the scheduled date, it will turn red as an indicator of the overdue status. The users in a role that has voucher reminders enabled will also receive task/email notifications. This is enabled at Configure > Security > Configure Roles. Select a role, go to Desktop Security, expand the Vouchers folder and check “Receive Voucher Reminders”.

Q: What is the purpose of the “Default General Ledger Cash Account” field?

A: If Accounts Payable checks will be consistently cut from the same bank account, setting the default is an efficient way to prevent the selection of the account every time an AP check is created. The cash account can always be changed per check.

Q: Can blank checks be printed for on-the-fly checks?

A: Yes, to set aside the check numbers for the checks go to Configure > List Configuration > Accounts Payable > Manual Check Reserve. Click Add and enter the starting check date and ending check date based on the number of blanks checks to set aside. Typically, future check numbers are used to maintain the sequencing of system generated checks. Choose the bank account and click Update. Once the record is saved, click on the Printer icon against the record to print the checks. The check numbers will be reserved for data entry purposes so the activity against the manual check can be recorded at Add Voucher, using the Add Manual Check button.

Q: Can signatures be printed on checks?

A. Yes, signatures can be uploaded to Configure > List Configuration > Checking > Checking Accounts. Select the account and click the “Change Signature” button to upload the signature file. Any check printed from this account will include the signature file.

General Ledger

Q: How do I close my books once a GL period has been reconciled?

A.     Go to Configure > List Configuration > General Ledger > Rules.  Enter a date in the “Close Book as of Date” field. The system will then prevent billing posting, AR payments, AP vouching, payroll checks and/or manual journal entries from being booked to the ledger prior to the specified date.  An error message will be thrown when posting activity is attempted.

Q: Can I inactivate cost centers I don’t use anymore?    

A. Yes, cost centers that are no longer applicable can be inactivated by going to Configure > List Configure > Global > Cost Centers. Select the cost center and click ‘Inactive’. The cost center will no longer be an option to select in all applicable drop-downs but will not impact/change existing associations. Please refer to the Cost Center guide for detailed information on the various use cases.

Q: What do the Types stand for in the Chart of Accounts screen?

  • A = Asset
  • L = Liability
  • R = Revenue
  • E = Expense
  • Q = Equity
  • QE = Retained Earning

Q: How can I make sure all users have access to their pa

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