Billing List Configuration FAQ

Q: Can generic invoices have a specified remittance address?

A: Yes.  Go to Configure > List Configuration > Global > Edit Company Info. Enter in the Remittance Address Details field if payments should go to an address other than the address listed in the top section of this screen (used that address as default).

Q: How do I ensure approved notes are getting billed?

A: Ensure that time records are automatically created once notes are approved. This is handled at Configure > List Configuration > Billing > Rules.  Check ‘Auto Create Time Records on Note Approval’.  Once notes are approved for billing and/or payroll, the time record will automatically be created.

Q: How do I bill from the service location designated on the note vs. the service authorization?

A: Go to Configure > List Configuration > Billing > Rules. Check the “Enable Location on Notes” box. This is a global setting and all services will be affected.

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