Client Record List Configuration FAQ

Q: Can the system generate client codes for each client record? We don’t have payer assigned record numbers/client codes.

A: Yes, go to Configure > List Configuration > Clients > Rules. Check “Automatically Generate Client Codes”.  The Client Code field in the client record will become read only and the system will autogenerate the field. This field is unique to each client and only used for internal searching. It is also placed on note template headers as the client record number.

Q: Where does the Clinical Program get assigned to the client?

A: In the Incident Report tab of the client record for reporting purposes.

Q: How do High-Risk categories get assigned to a client?

A: Once the categories are established at Configure > List Configuration > Clients > High Risk Category, they can be assigned to the client record in the Identification tab. Any active high risk category (before the End Date) will appear as a red row in the Clients Search Grid as an indicator of the risk. There is a filter in the grid to search for all identified high-risk clients.

Q: My client has additional hours authorized for non-school days. How can the extra hours be accounted for?

A: First, go to Configure > List Configuration > Clients > School Districts. Add the school district for each client this applies to. Then, assign the school district in the Identification tab of the client record. The school calendar for the district must then be created by going to Clients > Authorizations. At the top of the screen, click School Year. Add a unique description for the calendar year, select the school district and enter in the school year start/end date. When the calendar presents, select the non-school days. Send a request to to enable the “variance 3” setting, which exposes fields on the authorization to enter in the additional number of hours per day or week when school is not in session.

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