Payroll List Configuration FAQ

Q:  What happens when I turn on the Enable Auto Salary Import checkbox?

A: A unit of ‘1’ will automatically populate every pay period when creating paychecks for any active employee that has a Salary pay type (the pay type setting in Payroll > Pay Types must have the Salary radio button selected). This prevents the unit of ‘1’ to be manually entered every payroll run.

Q: Is there a way to audit against my Workman’s Compensation policies?

A: Yes. The policies can be configured by going to Configure > List Configuration > Payroll > Workman’s Comp. Add in the description, code and rate per your policy. Then go to Configure > List Configuration > Employees > Job Titles and assign the respective workman’s comp policy to each job title. For a report on these policies against your paychecks, go to Reports > Payroll > Workman Compensation and run for desired date range.

Q: Can paid time off policies be implemented?

A: Yes. Most paid time off policies such as sick, vacation and PTO are supported. They can be setup by going to Configure > List Configuration > Payroll > Company Leave Policies. The “Type” field (personal, vacation, sick, FMLA) must having a matching Pay Type (Payroll > Pay Types > choose matching radio button) and both leave policy and pay type must be assigned in the employee record in the respective tabs. This allows the system to track the amount taken and the balance.

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