Timesheet List Configuration FAQ

Q: How do I ensure approved notes are showing up on staff timesheets to get paid?

A: Enable ‘Timesheet Auto Add/Associate Time Records’ by going to Configure List Configuration > Timesheets > Rules.  Once the note is approved for payroll, it will automatically be associated with the timesheet for the corresponding pay period. Additionally, a new timesheet will be auto created if one doesn’t already exist.

Q: Can staff receive reminders to sign their timesheets?

A: Yes. Go to Configure > List Configuration > Timesheets > Pay Periods and enter in a Sign By date/time. Any user that has not signed their timesheet by that date/time will receive an automated task/email notification to do so.

Q: Why can’t staff see the pay period to create their timesheet?

A: The pay period is either not created or not marked as visible. Go to Configure > List Configuration > Timesheets > Pay Period. Either add the pay period or if it already exists, click on it to check the Visible checkbox. 

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