Note List Configuration FAQ

Q: Are there ways to control which values are valid against note keys to keep my clinical documentation in compliance?

A: Yes, at Configure > List Configuration > Notes > Note Keys. Choose the key to configure the allowable key values In the Allowed Keys column, select all valid entries. Note that multiple values can be selected. Once saved, the note-writer will be prevented from using any entry not allowed for the key. They will receive a tool-tip with the allowed entries. This is only applicate for grid note templates.

Q: Can supervisors be made aware/receive a task when specific information has been entered on a note?

A: Yes, this is applicable to custom fields. When adding a custom field at Configure > List Configuration > Notes > Custom Fields, the form will offer the ability to check “Send Note Supervisor Task if Field Completed”. With this checked, the supervisor listed on the note will receive a task and email notification when a note-writer enters data in this field.

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