EVV Timeclock Configuration FAQ

Q: How can I prevent staff from clocking in early to their shift?

A: Set the grace period for the number of minutes prior to the shift start time that staff can clock in, along with the number of minutes after the shift end time they will be allowed to clock out. To do so, go to Configure > List Configuration > Timeclocks > Rules. If implementing the 7/8 minute rounding rule for rounding purposes on the note/timesheet, consider a window of 7 minutes on each side (the rounding is enabled at Billing > Services on an individual basis). If the 7/8 minute rounding rule will not be implemented, consider the volume of back to back shifts for EVV/clock-in services and set the windows accordingly to prevent overlapping time validations.

Q: How do I validate that staff are clocking in/out for EVV services at the site they are scheduled to work?

A: The system will validate the GPS coordinates of the clock in/out to the client address coordinates. It will then take into account the acceptable radius that is set at Configure > List Configuration > Timeclocks > Rules in the “Allowed radius for non-residential shifts” field. Anything outside of the acceptable radius will trigger a warning message for the user when clocking in/out, giving them the choice to proceed or not. If they proceed to clock in/out outside of the radius, it can be tracked in the Timeclocks desktop.

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