Security Configurations

Q: Why can’t a user see clients that they are scheduled to work with? The client is assigned to the employee profile in the Assigned Clients tab and the schedule is clearly saved.

A: The issue is most likely related to how the user account is setup. When more than one cost center is linked to the user account and none are marked as “Default”, then the system is only showing one or none of the cost centers upon login. This can be verified in the desktop site (not in mobile site) by going to the top right corner and clicking on Options > Cost Centers. The cost center that is checked indicates the clients and employees that can be seen.  The option is to either train the individual to check the cost center(s) they need to work with upon each login by toggling under Options or to mark each cost center as the default in Configure > Security >Configure Users. There is not a way to toggle between these options in the mobile site, so if the user will complete work in the mobile site, the best option is to mark each cost center as default. Here is a training  video that will show you how to select "Default" on a user account.

Q: How do I grant staff the ability to approve notes?

A: First, go to Configure > Security >Configure Roles and select the role (or add a new one) that will need to approve notes. Click on the Desktop Security tab and expand the Notes section. The role will need the "Show All Notes" option checked in order to see all notes where they are listed as the supervisor. Consider the "Allow Notes Super-user Mode" option as well, which would give the users in the selected role the ability to approve a note that they are not listed as the supervisor for. This allows for more than a single person (the supervisor listed on the note) to approve notes. Then go to Configure > Security > Configure Users and assign the role to each user that needs to approve notes. Here is a training video that will show you how to grant staff the ability to approve notes.

Q: How do I delete a DMS document?

A: This is a user role permission and can be enabled by going to Configure > Security > Configure Roles.  Select the role and go to the Desktop Security tab. Expand OTC Global Permissions and check “DMS Delete”.  To then delete a DMS document, navigate to the document. Click on the trashcan icon.

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