Time Records FAQ

Q: Why are my time records marked hold bill?

A: There are two reasons a time records is checked ‘Hold Bill’:

  •         The system has automatically marked as hold bill because the authorization is still unapproved. To fix this go to Client/Authorization. Search and open the authorization, check the ‘Approved’ box, click                Save. The system will automatically uncheck Hold Bill and batch billing can be created.
  •         A user has manually selected the time record and marked it ‘Hold Bill’. To fix this go to Billing/Time Records. Search for and select the time record, click ‘Hold Bill’ to uncheck the time record. The record is now ready to create batch billing.

Q: How do I fix the attending provider ‘Not Found’ under the NPI column in time records?

A: If the ‘Not Found’ is after the slash (/), this is for the caregiver/attending. Check under Billing/Providers, search for the provider by NPI or name. Verify the payer is listed under Attending Employee Setup. If it is, also check under Employees/Provider tab to verify the payer is listed. If it is not in either/both places, and the caregiver is credentialed for that payer, please submit a ticket to billingsupport@ontargetclinical.com or contact your assigned account analyst to get the Adding Clinician Providers to OnTarget form.

Q: How do I mark Time Records as billed and/or paid (payroll paid)?

A: First, ensure the user role has permissions to mark time as billed/paid by going to Configure > Security > Configure Roles. Select the role and click on the Desktop Security tab.

  1. Expand Time Records
  2. Select Mark Time Records Paid or Mark Time Records Billed - users will need to logout and back in after this is added in order to use it

To use this functionality, go to:

  1. Time Records
  2. Use the filters on the search grid to find the time record(s) you wish to mark as paid or billed
  3. Mark Paid/Billed → From Selected (after selecting at least one time record) - will mark the selected time record(s)
  4. Mark Paid/Billed → From All - will mark ALL of the time records currently displayed in the search grid as paid/billed

Q: Why is my signed and approved note in time records not marked as billed?

A: A time record/note will not show billed until it has been invoiced. To do this create batch billing, then create invoices. The time record will then be marked as ‘billed’.

Q: How do I clear blue lines, specifically billing "revisions" from time records?

A: A time record will highlight blue when the record is still in revision status. There are two types of revisions: billing and payroll. A billing revision is a note that has been revised/changed since original signing and approval. Once the note has been resigned and reapproved for billing, the note must be reimported manually to allow the billing revision to clear (billing revisions are not part of the automatic note approval process). If the time record had already been billed, the import will create a rebill automatically. If the time record has never billed, the import will allow the user to create batch billing and invoices from the note. To import revisions:

  1. Go to Notes
  2. Choose 'Eligible Approved Notes' in the 'Supervisor Billing Approval' filter.
  3. Choose 'Revisions' option in the 'Actual Time Status' filter.
  4. Choose a start and end date that will not pull in claims older than timely filing for rebilling.
  5. Once all records appear, choose 'Create Time Records'.
  6. Go to Time Records and continue the billing process. 

Q: How do I resolve the validation error in time records "Service Date must be within the Service date range"?

A: This error is usually the result of an authorization edit after scheduling or documenting notes. Check the client's service authorization to ensure you have an authorization for the dates of service attempting to bill. If there is no authorization, edit the auth to include the dates or add a new one to cover the dates.

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