Webform Video Links

OnTarget Webforms: This video demonstrates an overview of how Webforms work. You will see the process of assigning signatures, the email that is send to request a signature, checking the "My Task" dashlet for the "signature required" tasks, and signing the webform.

Digitize and Data Map: This video will demonstrate how to take the information on a word document and transform it into a Webform, assign signatures, and how to publish the webform in order to use it.

Adding Webforms and Assigning Signatures: This video will show you how to add a Webform, enter data into the Webform, and assign signatures (internal and 3rd party signatures). The video will also demonstrate how to sign the form, checking the "My Tasks" dashlet where you will receive a notification to sign a form, and how to print, show history, and resend for missing signatures.

Data Cloning :This video will show you how to clone a webform. This is used when you need to make edits to a form that has already been saved with signatures or when you need to assign new signers to a cloned webform. Cloning webform data is an important function, as it allows you to create an editable copy of existing webform data, which can then be submitted for a new round of signatures, if necessary.

Client Intake: This video demonstrates how to build a Client Intake Webform and creating a Client Record from that Webform. You will be shown how to configure roles to be able to use the webform, how to add the data for the webform, how to publish the webform, and how to create a Client record from the webform.

Client Incident Reports: With the release of Webforms 2.0, this video will explain the different between Webforms Builder and Webforms Data as well as show you how to create an Incident Report Webform. You will also be shown how to configure roles in order to have access to the webform, how to set up Incident Types and Incident Severities, and how to add the Incident Report to the Client Record.

Client Face Sheets: This video will demonstrate how to create a webform that is configured to pull in client demographic information from the client record, also known as Client Face Sheet. You will be shown how to configure your role to have access to webforrms, how to access the client face sheet in the Client Record, how to create a client face sheet webform, publish the webform, and how to add the webform to the Client Record.

Employee Supervision: This video will demonstrate how to create an Employee Supervision webform, how to publish it so that it can be used, how to add a Supervision Type under List Configuration, and how to configure your role so that you have access to the webform. You will also be shown where to find the supervision forms and how to add the Employee Supervision.

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