Timesheet Video Links

Timesheet Setup Procedures: There are several important setup features to understand before implementing the use of timesheets. 

Automated Timesheets: Learn about the powerful tool of automatically creating timesheets from approved notes in OnTarget. This video also includes an overview of how to sign a timesheet.

Approving Timesheets: This video will provide instructions on how to approve timesheets. Included in this video is how to un-approve timesheets.

Creating a Timesheet: Learn how to create a new timesheet with demonstrations on how to add billable and non-billable time.

Creating Pay Types for Timesheets and Schedules: If implementing timesheets and schedules, pay types must be setup in order to enter time. Pay types provide the means for entering non-billable time and potentially billable time on timesheets only. This video will how to setup pay types for timesheets and schedules.

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