Payroll Video Links

Configuring Payroll Rules: This video will help you learn how to configure payroll rules that govern how payroll runs in OnTarget.

Payroll Leave Policy Set Up: Company leave policies must be set up before they can be added to employee records. Learn how to leave policies to manage paid time off for employees along with running their balances

Adding Pay Types: This video demonstrates adding pay types in OnTarget for the purposes of capturing time for payroll with or without timesheets.

Adding Payroll Deductions: This video demonstrates how to add payroll deductions in OnTarget and assign them to employee records.

Adding Payroll Disbursements: Learn the process for adding payroll disbursements for processing paychecks and direct deposits.

Employee Timesheet Report: Learn how to report on employees hours for payroll purposes. This report automatically reconciles billable time to payroll and is used to examine employees regular and overtime hours as well as provide a basis to determining hours submitted to payroll.

Creating Paychecks from Timesheets: In this video, learn how to create paychecks from timesheets. This video demonstration includes configuring set-up for this process and how to review the state of timesheets before running payroll using the timesheet audit report.

Creating Paychecks from Time Records: This video explains the process for creating paychecks from time records including ensuring configuration set-up for this process. Creating paychecks from time records is useful if timesheets are not implemented but need to benefit from the automatic reconciliation of billing to payroll.

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