Scheduling Video Links - Residential Services

Residential Configuring Services-Learn how to configure services that are eligible for shift scheduling.

Residential Configuring Shifts to Sites-Learn how to set up shifts for each of your residential settings so that you can schedule staff and ensure proper coverage.

Residential Configuring the Clients and Note Templates-Learn how to link clients to the sites that receive residential services from as well as how to set up shift note templates to collect all staff signatures on the shift note.

Residential Shift Scheduling Security-Learn how to configure security settings in order to schedule staff to shifts for residential settings.

Residential Scheduling Shifts-Learn how to schedule shifts for your residential services.

Residential Shift Notes-Learn how to launch notes from shifts.

Residential Timeclock Configuration-Learn how to configure the Timeclock functionality.

Residential Auditing Timeclocks-Learn how to audit timeclocks and approve out of range records.

Residential Clock In & Out from Mobile Site-Learn how to clock in and out of your shifts from your mobile phone.

Residential Clocking in from Desktop- Learn how to clock in and out for your shift from your desktop.

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