Clinical Documentation Video Links

OnTarget Clinical Notes: This video will show you Automation and Integration. A user can save time and reduce expenses with Notes Integration. Maintain compliance and improve outcomes reporting accuracy with Notes Automation.

Grid Notes:

Grid Notes: How to Configure Note Keys: This video will provide instructions on how to set up note keys for grid notes, which is a required step when implementing grid notes.

Grid Notes: How to Assign Keys to Services: This video will teach you how to assign note keys to services, which is a required step in implementing grid notes.

Grid Notes: How to Add Goals to a Treatment Plan: This video provides instruction on how outcomes are entered on a treatment plan for grid note purposes.

Grid Notes: Configuring Key Rule Templates: This video will show how to configure key rule templates. Key rules allow for automation of assessment keys on grid note templates.

Grid Notes: How to Create a Grid Note: this video will show how to create a grid note in OnTarget Clinical

Notes Training: Writing Multi-time Grid Notes from Schedules: this video shows you how to review your schedules and then write multi-time grid notes in OnTarget Clinical.

Grid Notes: How to Approve Multiple Notes: This video will show you how to approve grid notes in bulk. This feature allows you to select multiple notes for faster approval. Applies to Grid Notes Only.

PIE Notes:

PIE Notes: How to Create a PIE Note: this video provides instructions for how to enter and complete and PIE Note in OnTarget Clinical.

Medical Notes:

Medical Notes: How to Create a Medical Note: This video provides instructions on entering medical documentation in OnTarget Clinical.

Residential Shift Notes:

Residential: Shift Notes: this video will show you how to launch notes from shift.

All Note Types:

All Note Types: How to Edit Notes: how to edit a note. Understand how to edit in the various stages of the note's lifecycle; unsigned, signed, approved and billed. This applies to all note types--PIE, Grid, Medical and Custom Notes.

All Note Types: How to Approve Notes: This video will explain the note approval process. This includes the setup for determining the staff eligible for approving notes, when supervisor signatures apply to the note, and when the note becomes eligible for billing and-or payroll. This also explains the superuser mode.

Notes: Bulk Approve: this video will show you how to approve notes in bulk.

All Note Types: How to Manage the Tasks Feature: This video will show you about tasks in relation to notes. Tasks allow you to communicate internally within the program. Watch this video to learn how to manage the tasks and where you can find them.

All Note Types: How to Print Notes: This video will show how to print notes from OnTarget Clinical. This will inform you how to print notes individually or in bulk for all note types.

Notes: Service Specific Note Configuration: This video will show you how to customize services for specific note settings such as scheduling rules and note templates.

Notes: How to Setup a Multi-Day/Multi-Time Entry Note Template: This video will show you how to create a Multi-Day Note template. This is a note format that supports multiple dates of service, or multiple time entries for a single day, on a single note form.

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