Credential Type Does Not Allow Services


The caregiver is unable to complete the note as the service is not able to be selected in the drop-down.

Example Scenario

The client has an updated treatment plan, authorization is correct, and the service is listed under the Services tab for the client.


The credential type the caregiver is assigned to does not allow the service that is being provided to the client. 

To see the credential type for the employee  (user will need to have access to the Employees desktop)

  1. Employee desktop 
  2. Demographics
  3. Credential type located under Other Information  

The credential type “Testing” has not been assigned any services for the caregivers in this role to provide services to clients.

To view and configure the credential types, the user will need to have access to Credential Types.

To locate the Credential types:

  1. Employees desktop 
  2. Credential Type (located at the top of the menu) 
  3. Select the credential type 

Once services have been selected for the “Testing” credential type, the services will populate on the notes. Select the checkbox beside each service these employees are able to provide to add them to the credential type configuration.

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