No Outcomes Associated / Too Many Outcomes


  1. Received an error stating "There are no outcomes associated for this service and client. Please add outcomes to this client's service from the client management screen".
  2. There are too many outcomes being displayed on the note - there is at least one outcome that we do not want shown on a note for a given service.    
  3. There is a missing goal, or no goals showing in the "Purpose of Contact" drop down of a PIE note.

**If you do not have the correct permissions to view treatment plans, and are not a security administrator, you will need to contact your supervisor.**

Basic layout of a treatment plan:

Example Scenario:

There are 3 schedules for our client with the service MCO-H2015:

The treatment plan for our client consists of 9 goals. The first goal has 2 outcomes with the MCO service:

When the caregiver tries to create and save a note for a schedule, they receive the error message shown at the top.


One of the most common mistakes made that leads to this error is selecting the wrong service.

  1. Look closely at the service selected for the outcome on the treatment plan, and the one selected on the schedule.
    1. Outcome: MCO-G-H2015HQ
    2. Schedule: MCO-H2015
  2. They must match exactly.
  3. First, refer to the Individualized Service Plan(also known as Client Treatment Plan or Person Centered Plan) and check for the correct service abbreviation. Sometimes this is uploaded as a DMS document for the client.
    1. If the service matches the one selected on the outcomes (MCO-G-H2015HQ), the service on the authorization will need to be updated to reflect this.
    2. If the service matches the one selected on the schedule (MCO-H2015), the service selected on the outcome will need to be updated to reflect this.
  4. In our example, the service on the ISP(Individualized Service Plan) is MCO-H2015. After changing the service for our 2 outcomes, the caregiver is able to create the note. 
  5. Now that we have our note created, there is an extra outcome displayed that we do not want on there. We are only expecting to see the two outcomes listed under the first goal shown above.
  6. Look at the goal information of the outcome we don't want:
  7. Go back to the treatment plan and review the service that is selected for outcome 1a for the 2nd goal:
  8. The service matches the one on our note. Once this is updated to the correct service, the note will need to be deleted (if a DMS document hasn't been generated) or zeroed out in order to create a new one that does not show the extra outcome.
Important Notes
  1. Outcomes are always associated with treatment plans.
  2. Double check the service(s) selected for each outcome listed on the treatment plan that corresponds to the date of service on the note/schedule.

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