Authorization Error Messages

Warning: Service Authorization maximum daily units exceed.

The system counts units that are in Scheduling, Notes, and Time Records. Check the authorization for the maximum number of units allowed. Once you know this number, check where the units are being used by using one of the following reports: Service Variance Report, Service Variance Utilization Report, or the auth vs. Scheduled Report. These reports will show you how many units are being used in Scheduling, Notes, and Time Records. Also review the notes and ensure they are linked to a schedule. If notes are not linked to a schedule, then the system will count is as individual units. Below is an explanation of what each report is used for.

Service Variance Report: This report returns the unit values entered at the authorization, if the date range used to run the report matches those values. This can be helpful when trying to understand exceeded unit messages and for managing utilization of units.

Service Variance Utilization Report: This report shows authorized service(s) utilization. It is useful for understanding where in the system authorized service units are being accounted for (schedule, notes, and/or time records)

Auth vs. Scheduled Report: This report shows total units authorized versus the number of scheduled units. It is useful in helping to ensure that scheduled time fully utilizes the authorized service units.

Error: Service Payer End Date must be within the date range.

Navigate to the authorization for the specific clients and service. Check the date range at the service level (bottom half). This error message is letting you know that the start/end date for the service is outside the authorization start/end date.

Error: All Service Authorized dates must be within range of Service Authorization start and end dates.

This error message will populate when making changes to the client's authorization. The service dates at the service level of the authorization (bottom half) must be within the authorization start/end date at the auth level (top half).

Error: Service is overlapping for 07/01/2021 to 06/30/2023.

This error message appears when there already is another authorization with the same service and overlaps in start/end dates. The system will not allow you to create 2 authorizations for the same service and overlapping dates. Use the filters to narrow down your search to the service. This will allow you to see all authorizations with the same service.

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