Scheduling Validation Errors

If the service you are trying to schedule is not a group service, and there is overlapping time, then you will receive these validation warnings. Go back to the Scheduling Desktop and check the schedule for the day(s) you are trying to schedule.  Ensure that there is not any overlapping scheduled time already on the calendar that would conflict with the new dates/times you are trying to schedule.  If you determine that there is overlapping time already scheduled, determine whether you need to delete the schedule or not add a new service to the schedule for the same day/time.

Error: Service Payer maximum weekly units exceeded.

You will receive this error message if you try to save scheduled events for a particular service that exceeds what is specified as the weekly maximum for a client’s service authorization.  First, check the client’s service authorization maximum weekly units to ensure what has been entered is correct. To move forward, review all scheduled events for the service being scheduled, and decide whether you need to delete any previously scheduled events or possibly reduce the number of units you’re trying to schedule.

Error: Service Authorization must be approved. Please consult your administrator to approve this service.

You will receive this error message if the authorization for the service you’re trying to schedule for is not approved. Contact your supervisor or security admin to approve the authorization. Once the authorization is approved, you can schedule the event.

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