EVV Data Collection FAQ - NC

Clock in/out FAQ

Q: When I am trying to clock in, why am I getting a message that says “You are not assigned to a shift. You may send a task to your supervisor to get assigned a shift” when I know I am scheduled to work for the day I’m trying to clock into?

A. It is most likely that you are trying to clock in from the wrong place in OnTarget. For EVV services (which are considered non-residential shifts in the system), follow the steps below:



Q:  When I try to clock in I am getting the “Unable to retrieve your location” error message. What do I need to do?

A. Follow the instructions provided in this link to enable the appropriate location settings for your mobile device. One of the fundamental requirements of EVV is to track the location of the service when it starts and when it ends. Your location will not be tracked throughout the duration of the shift, only when it starts and when it ends. 

Location Settings for iPhone & iPad Devices: https://aymira.helpscoutdocs.com/article/43-enabling-location-for-iphone-ipad

Location Settings for Android Devices: https://aymira.helpscoutdocs.com/article/44-enabling-location-for-android

Q: Why am I having log-in issues? I have been logging into OnTarget without issue to do my notes long before needing to clock in and all of a sudden I'm having problems when trying to sign-in.

A. It is most likely that you are experiencing this when logging in to the mobile site. Certain devices are auto-filling incorrect passwords on the mobile site. To correct this, type in your login without using autofill. Another trick may be to type your password in the Notes App and then copying and pasting into the password of OnTarget log-in page. If you do not remember your OTC password, you can go to the OnTarget Desktop site and independently reset your password there. Here are additional instructions for managing saved passwords on Chrome (OnTarget’s recommended browser).

Q: Which services do I need to clock into? And why do I see a status of "Timeclock Not Required" against some of my shifts?         

A. The status against the scheduled shift will help you understand whether you need to clock in or not. When you see the status below of “Timeclock Not Required” then you know it is not a service required for  EVV and therefore you will not need to nor be able to clock in.         


For reference, the following services are required for EVV in NC:

  • CLS (Community Living and Supports)
  • SL-Periodic (Supported Living – Periodic only)
  • Transitional Living Services
  • Personal Care/Individual Supports
  • TBI Waiver (Life Skills Training & In-Home Intensive and Personal Care)

Q: Now that I'm using the mobile site for clocking in and out, I am also completing my note there. How do I know if my note has been signed in this site?

A. The screenshot below details what the highlighting of each shift indicates:

Q: Does the 7/8 rounding occur on the timeclock and note?

A: The rounding doesn't take place at the timeclock, only on the note, and does not happen when entering timeclocks manually. You will need to enter the clock out time so that it stays within the schedule duration and the note end time should round.

Q: Do EVV services require a specific note template?

A: EVV does not work with multi-day note templates.

Q: Why can’t I delete a timeclock?

A: Schedules cannot be deleted if the employee has clocked in for them, which is the case here. Please delete the timeclock records associated with the schedule and then you should be able to delete the schedule successfully.

Q: Why is the timeclock record grayed out and I cannot make edits?

A: The system does not allow edits to timeclock entries that are associated with a signed note. You can edit the timeclock entry if the note is put back into an unsigned status.

Q: Why is staff receiving an error message stating “Note duration cannot exceed schedule duration” when trying to create their note?

A: The note times for EVV services will always populate as the clock in/out times from their timeclock. This occurs when the schedule is updated after the timeclock record has already been created. To resolve this issue, please adjust the clock in/out time entry as needed so the timeclock hours match the schedule duration (or do not exceed the schedule duration).

Q: Why can’t I access the mobile app to clock in? It takes me to Medication administration page and not to the main page for Signing In & Out.

A: It sounds like you may have accidentally accessed the EMAR site. You will just need to use the normal mobile site https://otb.ontargetclinical.com without selecting the EMAR link.

Q: I am having trouble accessing the mobile site, how do I clear my cache as instructed on my mobile device?

A: Please see the steps for clearing the cache on your mobile device:

               Android In the Chrome app

1.      On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.

2.      At the top right, tap More.

3.      Tap HistoryClear browsing data.

4.      At the top, choose the time range by selecting "All time".

5.      Next to "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.

6.      Tap Clear Data.

               iPhone or iPad - Safari Settings

1.      Open Settings and scroll down to the fifth group of options (starting with Passwords & Accounts). Tap Safari.

2.      Scroll down and tap 'Clear History and Website Data'.

3.      In the popup, tap 'Clear History and Data' to confirm.

EVV Billing FAQs

Q: How do I resolve the following HHA status error: Caregivers can only be assigned to secondary offices which share same Payroll, Duty List and Time zone configuration as their Primary Office?

A: Per HHA, they resolved this issue the week of 7/27/2021, and reprocessed claims. If you continue to get this error, please reach out to edisupport@hhaexchange.com or support@hhaexchange.com.

Q: How do I resolve the following HHA status error: Can not schedule visit when there is no any active contract?

A: Per HHA, go to the Client in HHA portal and verify the start date under Vendor Information>Service Start Date is not after the date of service submitted. If the date needs to be changed, please contact the          MCO to have this updated. If this is not the issue contact support@hhaexchange.com.

Q: How do I resolve the following HHA status error: Caregiver profile found with matching SSN and different Alt Caregiver Code?

A:  Caregiver codes are maintained in the HHA portal. If you get this error, please reach out to edisupport@hhaexchange.com or support@hhaexchange.com.

Q: EVV Billing: How do I resolve an issue with missing 3rd party invoice number in HHA?

 A: The invoice number is sent by OnTarget in the HHA file in column AV of the file under Invoice Number. For a copy of the file, go to Reports/Published Documents/HHA Responses then search for the payer name and check the daily files for the ‘Visit’ file you need, click on the file to download. Contact HHA Exchange at support@hhaexchange.com.

Q: How do I resolve a ‘Patient not Found’ import status error from HHA Exchange?

A: Please verify all client data in HHA Exchange matches the data in OnTarget (Medicaid Number, Date of Birth, Service Start Date). If needed, update the information in OnTarget and rebill the claim. If the data in HHA is incorrect. contact the MCO to have data updated or HHA at support@hhaexchange.com for further assistance.

Q: How can I tell if my EVV claims sent to HHA have been paid or denied?

A: Once EVV records have been submitted to HHA, OnTarget downloads the HHA Responses to Reports/Published Documents/HHA Responses as a courtesy-these reports are also available in the agency’s HHA portal. Each agency is responsible for checking those reports for Import Status errors (very last column of each report). Please contact support@hhaexchange.com for any questions on resolving any errors. If the import status states “Success”, HHA should create an 837, and send to the MCO. The 835s will still come from the MCO and post in OnTarget. Please check status of claims in your MCO portals using the claim status reports or payments in OnTarget.

Q: How do I fix duplicate denials for EVV claims with more than one schedule prior to 9/1/2021?

A: If the claims were submitted AND the date of service is prior to the day you went live with HHA, just rebill the claims to the MCO in OnTarget by choosing Rebill Selected. Each payer should be able to handle multiple visits sent over by HHA, but we are aware they were not handling properly prior to 9/1/2021. If the claims were sent after 9/1/2021, please follow up with the MCO. The EVV visits are sent by HHA to the MCO as one invoice and the MCO should be readjudicating these.

Q: What does this mean on our 837 Status: ‘Serial Number 0’ or blank?

A: The EVV submissions will never have a serial number because they are not required. 837 files require a serial number, but the EVV files are not actual 837s, just a CSV file.

Q: How do I resolve an ICD10 denial for EVV claims when I have specified an ICD10 on the authorization, but OnTarget is sending all ICD10s in the client profile?

A: Currently OnTarget is sending all ICD10s listed on the client profile in the EVV data. We are working on a solution to send only the specified ICD10 selected on the authorization. 

Q:How do I know when my EVV claims have been sent to HHA for processing?

A: To confirm when EVV files were sent to HHA please go to the 837 status under the Claims menu. The time/date of the response file does not indicate the actual date/time the files were sent, just when OnTarget was updated with this response. The HHA Response files are also available in the HHA portal. Please contact support@hhaexchange.com for any questions re: items in their portal.

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