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Upon logging into the OnTarget mobile application, users are automatically directed to the Schedule module. This page will display all scheduled shifts. More detailed information on schedules will be provided later in this guide.

Clicking the home icon located in the top left corner of the screen will display a menu of the available modules within the application. Touching or clicking the icon for each module will direct the user to the selected module. A short description of each module is below:

Action Center

The Action Center provides users the ability to identify aspects that require immediate attention. An action center item may include unsigned notes, incomplete notes, unsigned time sheets, and / or expired /expiring certifications. Users can use the Action Center to review listed items and resolve directly from this module. When the Action Center contains items that require immediate attention, a red indicator will appear above the icon in the menu.


As stated, the Schedule page is the default page that displays when users log into the mobile application. The schedule will display cards that will contain the details for each scheduled shift or multiple shifts. Users can utilize this module to clock in and clock out for scheduled shifts as well as begin the process for creating specific notes for associated shifts. Each listed card provides the required workflow based on the service(s)scheduled. This is the main focal point of the application allowing much of the required processes to carry out service processes within this module.


The notification module provides users access to view important notifications sent within OnTarget. The notifications listed within this module may not require immediate attention but may contain important information on company-wide notices or supervisory notices. Within this module,users are provided the option to retain notifications by saving or delete the notification to ensure their notification list remains clear.


Creating notes that are associated with scheduled shifts when providing services is a major component to OnTarget. The Notes module provides users the ability to view notes that have been signed, unsigned, and /or not started. In addition to the Action Center, users can complete unsigned notes and complete not started notes directly from this module. Providing two resources within the mobile application for users to complete notes provides an additional option.

The Notes module also includes the ability for users to create notes for services that do not require a schedule or that are unscheduled. The process available for creating a note enables the user to complete the process fully, which includes recording the service time provided as well as completing the associated note.

Time sheets

The Time sheets module allows users to not only view time sheets for each pay period, but also the details for each time sheet that is selected. This provides users the opportunity to view the time sheet details so they may sign to finalize the time sheet. The module contains 2 different sections to ensure organization and an efficient process for users to sign pending time sheets. The Pending section lists time sheets that have not been signed or have been unsigned. The Signed section within this module lists time sheets that have been signed and / or approved.

My Profile

The My Profile module provides users visibility to basic information that is stored within their employee record. The information housed within this module is separated into corresponding tabs which include, Demographics,Certifications, Assigned Clients, Assigned Sites, Taxes, and Paychecks. The visibility for each tab is regulated by security configurations within OnTarget. Based on the security configurations for the user’s role, the tabs within this module may be displayed or hidden.


Using Help provides support options for the mobile application such as training, reporting issues, and clinical support as needed.

Go to Full Site

Although the mobile application provides users with the functions needed to complete day-to-day tasks, the option to utilize the OnTarget desktop site may be used on a mobile device. Please note that when visiting the OnTarget full site is best used on a desktop or laptop computer.The resolution for the OnTarget full site on a mobile device may result in difficulty using the specific functions and will be difficult to view.


Because the OnTarget mobile application contains confidential information that may be displayed on a screen when in use, it’s highly recommended to use the Logout button to close the session. The OnTarget mobile application will automatically log out a user that exceeds the regulated time limit of idle use. This means that if a user forgets to log out of the mobile application and it’s not in use, the user is automatically logged out.An automatic logout does not occur while users are engaged in using the application.

Bottom Bar Navigation

Providing a quick and efficient way to quickly navigate to different modules within the mobile application without requiring the use of the home button is essential. The bottom bar navigation option within the mobile application contains the most important modules typically used for quick navigation. The bottom bar is available on all screens and may be used at anytime.

The bottom bar includes modules for Action Center, Schedule,Notes, Time sheets, and My Profile.

Notification Bell

In the top right corner of the screen is a bell icon that may be used for quick access to the notification module. A red dot will appear above the notification bell icon to indicate that new notifications are available for you to read. If there are no new notifications available or all notifications have been read, the red dot will not display.

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