Action Center Module

The Action Center serves as the central location for providing users the ability to review tasks or aspects that need to be completed. The items listed within the Action Center may be aspects that have been started but never finished or aspects that may need updated for compliance standards.

The Action Center can be accessed by using the Action Center icon located in the bottom bar or the Home icon. A red indicator box will appear within the Action Center icon to indicate that there are pending actions in which the user should review and complete.

The Action Center module or page is organized into different sections grouping similar items together. The organization allows the user to quickly navigate and resolve needed aspects quickly and effectively.


The Notes section within the Action Center contains service notes that may need attention. These would include notes that may have been started but not fully completed or signed, notes that may have associated time entries (such as a clock in or clock out) but a service note has not been started, or service notes that have related tasks that need reviewed.

Specific button titles are used to indicate to users the action needed for each listed note within the Action Center:

  1. Sign Note – Notes that have been started but not fully completed or signed will contain a ‘Continue Note’ button. Using the ‘Continue Note’ button will direct the user to the remaining entries needed to fully complete the note.
  2. Start Note – Service notes that have not been started but have associated time entries will contain a ‘Start Note’ button.Utilizing the ‘Start Note’ button will allow the user to start the service note process.
  3. Review Task – Notes that contain associated tasks submitted to users by a supervisor or other administrative staff will contain a ‘Review Task’ button. Clicking the ‘Review Task’ button will display a pop-up containing the written task for the user to read. The task window will display the task message, the person that assigned the task, and may contain a date in which the task is expected to be completed. There are two buttons within the task pop-up that users can use to retain or indicate the task as completed.
  • Address Task – Using this button will indicate that the user has read and acknowledged that contents of the task. Please note that some tasks may contain specific instructions for users to complete. The‘Address Task’ button does not direct the user to the area for completion.Rather, the button simply clears out the task and marks it as read.
  • Cancel – The ‘Cancel’ button may be used to close the pop-up task window but retain the task. This provides the user with the ability to retain the task in the event it needs to be used for reference or further review.

Time sheets

Listed within this section of the Action Center are time sheets that have not been signed but in which the pay period is due or has ended. Any time sheet listed within this section will contain a ‘Sign Time sheet button in which the user can click to complete the process of signing a time sheet. Using the button will direct the user to the appropriate time sheet to be signed. Users can use the Time sheet module (covered later in this guide)to search for a listed time sheet that may need unsigned.


Providing users insight into their certifications,trainings, or expired required documentation is vital to ensure the user can continue fulfilling the responsibilities of providing services. The Certifications section within the Action Center list aspects in which the user may need to update to remain in compliance.

Items listed within the Certifications section may not contain buttons for users to click. Instead, the OnTarget Mobile application provides a list of certifications that require updating to allow the user to follow the process their company requires for updating documentation. The list simply provides insight into aspects that need attention so users can contact the appropriate persons or departments. The certifications listed within this section will remain until they have been updated by the supervisor or other appropriate personnel for the user’s company. Once the certification has been updated, it’s removed from the list within the OnTarget mobile application.


The main OnTarget system contains a feature titled Webforms. Webforms are electronic forms built within OnTarget that are utilized for company needs and requirements. The Webforms feature within OnTarget contains a plethora of functions that may require a user to review and / or sign the electronic Webform document. Often Webforms are submitted to users to sign to ensure compliance requirements are met.

The Forms section within the Action Center provides a list of Webforms that have been assigned to a user to review or to review and sign. Like the Certifications section, the OnTarget mobile application provides a list of the assigned user Webforms to indicate to the user that attention is needed.When a Webform is listed in the Forms section, users can use the OnTarget desktop site to fulfill the needs of the assigned Webform(s).

Please note: Once all items for each section within the Action Center are addressed, users are met with a message stating “All good. You have no pending tasks for today.”. Maintaining the Action Center is an important matter for the OnTarget mobile application to ensure users have all expected work completed.

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