Notifications Module

The OnTarget mobile application provides users the ability to view sent notifications from the OnTarget main site. Some notifications maybe purely information based and require no necessary action by the user while others may contain specific instructions for a user to follow. In either case,this feature promotes awareness towards users to ensure proper communication.

Please Note: Notifications may include messages regarding Webforms that may need to be signed. The OnTarget mobile application,currently, does not offer the ability to sign a Webform. Reviewing and / or signing a Webform must occur within the OnTarget site. Saving Webform notifications may be beneficial to retain the information when accessing the OnTarget main site.

The Notifications feature can be accessed in two different ways within the OnTarget mobile application. To alert that new notifications are present, a red dot will appear by the bell icon near the top right hand of the application screen. From there, the Notifications feature may be accessedby using the home icon button to access the main menu or by clicking the Moreoption in the bottom button bar to open the main menu.

Within the Notifications feature, two tabs are provided to promote the organization of a user’s notifications.

  1. New – All new notifications will appear under this tab and are organized by the date on which the notification was sent. The newest date will appear on top while the oldest will be listed last.
  2. Saved – When new notifications are viewed by the user, the option to delete or save the notification is provided. The save tab contains the notifications users chose to save.

New Notifications

A notification will retain a new status until the user opens the notice to read the contents. Simply clicking the listed notice will open a pop-up page so the user can view / read the entire message. Once opened the user is presented with options to Save or Delete the notification. To ensure the new tab is kept free of new notifications, users are forced to save or delete the notification. Clicking either provided button results in the appropriate process being automatically completed.

Saving a New Notification

When a selected notification is saved, it is automatically moved and listed under the Saved tab. Saving a notification allows users to retain the information for reference as needed or as a potential reminder to complete provided instructions.

Deleting a New Notification

Choosing to delete a notification will permanently remove the notification from the OnTarget mobile application as well as the OnTarget main site. This action also removes the notification from being listed from both the New and Saved tabs.

Please Note: Before deleting notifications, users should ensure they do not need to be retained.

Steps to Save or Delete a New Notification:

1.      Click the New tab within the Notification feature.

2.      Select a listed message to review / read.

3.      Read the message.

4.      Click the Save or Delete button at the end of the message.

Saved Notifications

Notifications that users decide to save will be retained until deletion. The Saved tab contains all the notifications the user has selected to save. Like new notifications, clicking the notification will display the message for users to view / read.

Deleting Saved Notifications

Within the Saved notifications tab, when users open a selected saved notification, the option to delete the selected message is available. Please keep in mind, deleting a saved message completely removes the notification from the mobile application and OnTarget main site.

Additionally, when the Saved notifications tab is utilized,users are provided the option to Delete All listed notifications. When selected this action will delete all the saved notifications listed in bulk.

Please Note: When selecting to delete all listed saved notifications, there is no option to multi-select notifications to delete. The OnTarget mobile application will delete all listed saved notifications. Deleting notifications will permanently remove the notifications. These cannot be recovered.

Steps to Delete a Selected Notification:

1.      Click the Saved tab within the Notification feature.

2.      Select a listed message to review / read.

3.      Read the message.

4.      Click the Delete button at the end of the message.

Steps to Delete All Listed Notifications:

1.      Click the Saved tab within the Notification feature.

2.      Click the Delete All button.

3.      Confirm the chosen action.

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