Timesheet Module

The Time sheet feature within the OnTarget mobile application allows users access to view their time sheets to review provided service time as well as time entered for non-billable time. This access provides users the opportunity to ensure that their time sheets are correct before signing to receive payment for services provided.

Time sheet Listing

Like the Notes feature, tabs are utilized within the time sheets feature to ensure an organized presentation for time sheets is provided. The tabs indicate the status of the time sheets to aid users in efficiently identifying time sheets that need to be signed or time sheets that have been signed and / or processed.

The Time sheets feature includes 2 tabs and are described as follows:

  1. Pending Signatures – Time sheets listed under this tab contain an unsigned status and provide users quick access to sign.
  2. Signed – This tab contains a listing of time sheets that have been signed and / or processed. Please Note: time sheets that have been closed will not display in the OnTarget mobile application. To view these specific time sheets, please contact your supervisor.

The time sheets listed under each tab are organized by pay period from the latest to most recent. Pay periods differ between companies.Please contact your supervisor to obtain any needed clarification on the pay periods for your company.

A calendar icon is provided within each tab providing users the ability to select a date range for the time sheets list. With the calendar open, a start date is selected and then an end date is selected to indicate the user desired date range.

Time sheet Details

Selecting a listed pay period displays the details of the associated time sheet and provides users with additional functionality. The details provided within the time sheet reflect the service time provided as well as additional time unrelated to providing services.

Billable Time

Billable time refers to services that have been provided and is typically submitted by companies as billed claims. In short, billable time is the time users spend providing services to clients.

Non-Billable Time

There may be circumstances in which non-billable time needs to be added to a time sheet. Non-Billable time refers to time that is not typically submitted by companies for claims billing but that needs accounted for, so users full work time is listed. Examples of non-billable time include but are not limited to training, mileage, or PTO.

Please Note: The types of non-billable time vary between companies as well as type of employment. Please contact your supervisor or administration to obtain the types of non-billable time available for your role.

The information elements listed within the time sheet detail allows users insight into what they can expect in their pay and details on what is included as billable or non-billable time. The information provided in the time sheet details are as follows:

  1. Total Hours – The actual total hours listed on the time sheet which includes all billable and non-billable time.
  2. Total Others – The Total Others section lists the total non-billable time applicable to the selected time sheet.
  3. Total Mileage – This section of the time sheet detail lists the total number of mileage claimed by the user. Please Note: Not all companies may provide mileage reimbursement or may only apply to specific roles within the company. Please contact your supervisor for information on mileage for your role.
  4. Total Billable Units – Billable units do not directly reflect the total billable hours at an initial glance. A billable unit refers to the total number of hours broken down into parts. For example, for some provided (billable) services, 1 hour of time is broken down into 4 units of time. The 4 units represent a block of 15 minutes within the 1 hour (1 hour– 4 quarters of an hour – each quarter is 15 minutes).

Time sheet Cards – There may be multiple time sheet cards listed within the time sheet. Each card contains the specific detail of the billable and non-billable time.

Billable Time sheet Card

The contents of a billable time sheet card provide specific details surrounding the provided billable service provided.

  1. Client – List the name of the client for whom the service has been provided.
  2. Service – The type of service provided to the listed client.
  3. Date – The date on which the service was provided.
  4. Time – The total number of hours-of-service time provided to the listed client on the date noted.

Non-Billable Time sheet Card

The contents of the non-billable time sheet card differ slightly from the billable time sheet card but provide the details for the non-billable type of pay.

  1. Pay Type – This is the title or description of the non-billable pay type.
  2. Date – Notes the date in which the non-billable pay type occurred.
  3. Time or Total – The total number time in hours if the listed pay type occurred as a time. Or the total count of the pay type (i.e., mileage).

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