Unscheduled Notes

Because not all services may be scheduled, the OnTarget mobile application provides users the option and ability to create a service not and apply the date and time in which the service occurred. Creating an unscheduled note includes the entire process including the entering of associated data for the service-related outcomes.

However, not all services that are authorized for an assigned client can be created as an unscheduled note entry. Based on specific company configurations, some services may require scheduling a shift. The OnTarget mobile application works in conjunction with the configuration by only allowing users to select a service that is configured to allow entry unscheduled.

Please Note: Please contact your supervisor or an administrator to obtain additional information on your company configurations for unscheduled note entry.

To begin the process of entering an unscheduled note, users can utilize the Create Note icon available within the Notes feature under the Not Started tab. This is a floating button and appears near the bottom of the page on top of other page objects.

When beginning the creation of an unscheduled note entry,the entry identifying basic information is required before continuing to the associated outcomes.

The following information is needed when initiating the creation of an unscheduled note:

  1. Service Date – The date when the service was provided or occurred.
  2. Client Name – The application provides a drop-down list of assigned clients for the user. The drop-down list will only contain the assigned clients during the date of service. If the client assignment record expired before the date of service, the client is excluded from the drop-down list.
  3. Service Type – This is provided as another drop-down list and contains the configured unscheduled allowable services authorized for the assigned client. The listed services comply with the services authorized for the assigned client. If the associated service authorization for the service provided has expired before the date when the service was provided, the service type is excluded from the list.
  4. Start Time – The user is required to enter the time in which the service started for the selected service date of service. Utilizing the AM / PM slider indicates the time of day for the entered time.
  5. End Time – The user is required to enter the time in which the service ended for the selected service date of service.Utilizing the AM / PM slider indicates the time of day for the entered time.

Please Note: If creating an unscheduled note and entering an end time after 11:59 pm, will require 2 different note entries or a multi-day note entry. A single end time entry for a service note cannot exceed11:59 pm since 12:00 am would need to be assigned to the next day.

Once the basic identifying information for the unscheduled is entered, the creation of the service note outcome can commence. Clicking the Create Note button provides the user with all the associated outcomes for the selected service.

From there, the entry of interventions and / or assessments for listed outcomes, confirming the time entry, and signing the created note,follows the same process as scheduled notes.

Steps to Create an Unscheduled Note:

  1. Open the Notes feature within the OnTarget mobile application.
  2. Click on the Create Note button.
  3. Enter the Service Date.
  4. Choose an assigned Client from the provided drop-down list.
  5. Choose an associated Service Type from the provided drop-down list for the selected client.
  6. Enter a Start Time.
  7. Enter an End Time.
  8. Click the Create Note button.
  9. Click each listed outcome and enter the appropriate intervention and / or assessment values.
  10. Complete any required additional comments if necessary.
  11. Once all outcomes are completed, click the Confirm Time button.
  12. Enter the Start Time and End Time for the scheduled service / service time provided.
  13. Click Sign Note
  14. Enter your OnTarget mobile application password.
  15. Click Confirm.

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