Schedule Basics

The Schedule is the landing page when users log into the OnTarget mobile application. This provides quick access to users to complete all aspects related to the schedule. This section of the mobile application is used to complete the process for clocking in and clocking out, entering /editing provided service times, starting as well as signing service notes, and cancelling scheduled shifts. In short, the Schedule module of the mobile application is the gateway to the service notes process.

Schedule Layout

The OnTarget application provides schedules for a specific range of days to limit the amount of scrolling up or down the listed schedule cards. The schedule contains all scheduled shifts 7 days in the past from the current date, the current day, and 1 day ahead. Providing the scheduled shifts for the previous day allows users to complete time entry and notes previous dates.

The dates in which the OnTarget mobile application list all users’ scheduled shifts is listed at the top of the schedule page. Then, scheduled shifts for each date are listed under the respective day and date. Each scheduled shift is represented by a card containing specific information pertaining to each scheduled shift.

Each scheduled shift will be displayed on one schedule card displaying specific information regarding the shift. Although certain details on the schedule card may vary depending on the type of shift, the card layout is consistent throughout each card. The basic attributes on each scheduled card are described below.

  1. Client’s Name – The name of the individual /patient that is scheduled to receive service.
  2. Service Scheduled – The service in which the assigned individual / patient is scheduled to receive.
  3. Time Start / End or Duration – The time frame in which the service is scheduled to be performed. A schedule displays a total number of duration hours or a start and end time type of schedule.
  • Duration – A scheduled duration is the total number of hours scheduled to be provided in which the start and end time is not specified. A user may start the service and end the service at any time during the day. However, the total number of hours between the start time and end time entered by the user must equal the noted duration.
  • Start / End Time – A schedule listing s start time and end time indicates that a user must begin the service within the specified time and end the service within the specified time.

Please Note:There may be different variations or allowances between companies of OnTarget that provide users a time gap for starting the shift early or ending the shift late. Please contact your company support to learn more about your company’s settings.

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