Multi-Time Schedules

Multi-Time Schedules

In some cases, and based on a company’s unique settings configuration, schedules that are set for the same date, same caregiver, same client, and same service, a multi-time option is provided within the schedule card. Any service that is configured to allow for multi-time entries results in a user entering multiple times within the same date for one service note. This prevents users from entering a note for each scheduled time.

Schedule cards that contain multiple times will display a little different than those without multiple times. To ensure a user is aware that a schedule contains multiple times, a text indicator of “Split Shift” will appear on the card. The “Split Shift” text also provides the user the ability to view the associated shifts for the schedule card.

Please Note: Schedules created within OnTarget that are set for the same caregiver, same client, and same service type on the same date of service will automatically be associated to 1 schedule card in the OnTarget mobile application. Users will not need to select a shift to add to the service note.

Please Note: The OnTarget mobile application will only initially support schedules / service notes associated with multiple times within the same date of service. The ability to create 1 service note associated across multiple dates and / or times will be provided in a feature within a future release.  

Please Note: Please check with your company’s support portal to see if multi-time schedules are available for services provided.

Confirming Time for Multi-Day Schedules

As a reminder, a multi-day schedule may contain one or more shifts that are associated with the same service note. Within OnTarget, the associated service note is configured to allow users to attach multiple shifts to the same note. This requires the shift to contain the same caregiver (user),same client, and the same service to be scheduled or provided on the same date.

Please Note: The Confirm Time button for multi-day service notes will be available for users to click even if all the outcomes are not addressed. This is to allow users the ability to complete a portion of the outcomes run during a specific shift then confirm time for that shift. The user can go back and complete the outcomes for the remaining shifts.

If a schedule contains one or more shifts and is associated with a multi-day service note, when the Start Button is clicked on the schedule card, OnTarget automatically applies all scheduled shifts that contain the same caregiver, same client, same service for the same date of service. This means that when the user confirms time for a multi-day service note, the time for each scheduled shift is listed for edit and / or confirmation.

Each shift card contains scheduled time information for each shift. If the shift contains a start time and end time, the card will contain that scheduled time. However, if the shift contains a scheduled duration, the Time displayed will be the total number / duration of hours scheduled.

Users can expand or contract the shift card to reveal entry fields for the start time and end time. These fields can be used to enter a start time and end time for a scheduled duration shift or edit the scheduled time for a start time / end time shift. Of course, if the scheduled start time and end time do not need edited or updated, the user does not need to make a manual entry.

Unlike service notes that are non-multi day, an Update Shifts button is available for users to utilize once shift time is entered or edited. The purpose of this button is to allow a user to update one or more times to confirm without having to sign the service note. Users who are entering outcome data and confirming time per shift as they occur can use the Update Shifts button to ensure their time is recorded and sign the note later after the last scheduled shift ends.

Please Note: Scheduled duration shift cards must contain a start time and end time before the service note is signed. The start time and end time for these types for shifts will remain blank until entered,updated and / or signed.

Please Note: The Sign Note button on the Confirm Time page for a multi-day service note will perform the functions for both updating the note and signing the note. There is no requirement for a user to click Update Shifts to sign the note.

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