Non-EVV Scheduled Shifts

Direct Entry Schedules

Scheduled shifts that do not require the process of clocking in and clocking out can begin with simply starting the service note. Unlike the clock in / out process, users may begin the entry of the service note before entering the service time for confirmation.

Direct entry schedule cards are not displayed with a Clock In or Clock Out button. Rather, these cards contain one button labeled as Start Note. However, similarly to the Clock In and Clock Out buttons, the Start Note button for direct entry schedule cards will turn green (be available) when the scheduled date is the current date and the company configured grace period time is reached in accordance with the scheduled start time. Of course, if the direct entry scheduled card contains a duration type of schedule, the Start Note button is available for use when the scheduled date is the current date. When not available, the Start Note button will remain gray.

Please Note: When the Start Note button is clicked,the service note entry begins. This process is covered later in this guide. Additionally, the Start Note button may not be available if the scheduled shift is beyond the grace period time in which a user may enter time and service note data. Please contact your company support for additional information.

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