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The purpose of My Profile is to provide users insight to specific information in their employee record to ensure there are opportunities to communicate any needed updates. The information housed in the new section only allows users to view the information. No edits or changes are permitted.

The My Profile feature within the mobile application currently includes 6 tabs to separate different areas of information. These include Demographics, Certifications, Assigned Clients, Assigned Sites, Taxes, and Paychecks. However, the visibility of the tabs is dependent upon OnTarget security configurations.

In the OnTarget mobile application, to access the My Profile feature, click the My Profile icon located on the right side of the bottom button bar.

Opening the My Profile feature will reveal additional tabs for the different areas of information which includes Demographics, Certifications, and Taxes. Each of the tabs provides specific information.

Please Note: The tabs within the My Profile feature will only be available if user security configurations do not prohibit the tab from displaying. If you have additional questions on the availability of tabs, please contact your supervisor.

  1. The Demographics tab provides information such as the user’s address, contact information, cost center,supervisor, and a few other basic information elements.

  1. The Certifications tab lists the certifications associated with the user’s employee record in OnTarget. Additionally, each certification listed contains the number of days remaining until expiration and an indicator if the certification is expiring within a specific number of days or has expired.

  1. The Taxes tab within the My Profile page displays specific information for both Federal and State taxes. Like the other available tabs, using the down arrow for the Federal and / or State taxes section provides a expanded card with the available information. Additionally,the information displayed within this section is read-only. Users are not permitted to edit any of the data within this section.

  1. The Assigned Sites tab within the My Profile page displays the sites assigned to the logged in user. If the logged in user is not assigned any sites, the mobile application displays a message to the user that there are no assigned sites. As with the other My Profile sections, the information displayed is read-only and does not provide the user the ability to edit any data.

Please Note: The Employee Certifications, Taxes, and Assigned Sites tabs will only display for the user if the role security for desktop is configured to allow the user to view this information.

  1. The assigned clients tab houses all actively assigned clients for the logged in user. Each assigned client record is displayed within a card that outlines specific information regarding the assignment. This includes the date of the assignment, expiration date of the assignment and a message notifying the user when the assignment expires within 30 days or has expired.

    Please Note: Not all client assignments may contain an assignment date and / or expiration date. If this is the case, the mobile application will display the client assignment card without the dates and notification message.

  1. The Paychecks tab contains a list of paychecks in which the basic information for each paycheck is displayed within cards. Each card lists the Pay Period associated to the paycheck and the check date of the paycheck.

The initial paycheck list provides 60 days’ worth of paychecks that the user can view / review. However, utilizing the Calendar option within the Paychecks tab allows users to select a date range to view paycheck stubs. To select a date range, choose the start date for the range and then choose an end date for the preferred date range. Clicking Done confirms the selected date range.

Once the preferred paycheck is located within the Paycheck stub, clicking the View Pay Stub button will open a paycheck stub screen to view the information for the pay stub. To download the paycheck stub, click the Download button to save the file to a mobile device.

With the paycheck stub displayed, the header contains the general / basic information while the body contains the specific details on the paycheck which includes line items and totals.

Clicking the Back button returns the user to the pay checklists page.

Please Note: The Paychecks tab within the My Profile feature of the mobile application is only available if the logged in user is permitted to view this information. Please see your supervisor if you have any questions on this My Profile feature.

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