Session Time Out

To improve the time in which a session in the mobile application remains connected, OnTarget has updated this process to ensure the user is provided a notification before the session time end or automatically ends the session for the user during inactivity with the mobile application.

Please Note: The amount of time in which a user can keep the mobile application open may vary based on the company configuration.If you have any additional questions about the maximum session time for your company, please contact your supervisor.

Interactions with the mobile application such as scrolling through the screen, tapping the screen, or clicking any buttons will reset the session time out timer to the total allowed minutes.

For the session time out notifications to display, the user must have no interaction with the mobile application.

Despite the total amount of time a user can retain a logged in session for the mobile application, a message will display on the screen 5minutes before the session time expires. The message provides users the opportunity to decide if they want to remain logged into the mobile application. Clicking “Yes” resets the session time to its maximum allowing the user to remain logged into the mobile application.

If no response is made to the warning message (clicking“Yes”) within the last 5 minutes of the session time, then a message will display for the user indicating that the session time has expired. This will force the user to log back into the mobile application.

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